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May 6, Arts and Entertainment Source: Artists, musicians help Vaca farmers – Vallejo Times

Last year’s LNU Lightning Complex Fire that incinerated more than 350,000 acres, destroyed nearly 1,500 structures and killed six people continues to impact many in Vacaville and surrounding communities.

“We’re hearing that people are shocked and hurting,” said Karen Lee Ford, a member of the Pleasants Valley Agricultural Association and co-owner of Clay’s Bees.

It was in October, just as the horrific two-month fires were extinguished, “that we were hearing from the community,” with groups and individuals hoping to contribute.

Because of the outpouring of support, “From Ashes to Springtime: Folk Music and Fine Art Fire Recovery Benefit” was organized, with the May 22 fund-raiser at Joyful Ranch in Pleasants Valley of Vacaville.

Money raised assists farms affected by the devastating fire, with Bay Area artists from around the Bay Area offering their work that documented the rebirth of the area since the fall with illustrations, paintings, and photographs. The event includes music by Joe Sam and the Live Music Center.

Around 10 landowners allowed roughly 20 artists on their property for the project —  a rarity, Ford said.

“These are landowners who had never had people on their property, never opened their doors to the artists,”  Ford said, with the goal of “painting the regeneration of the valley after the fire as seen by the artists as they take us to springtime.”

The host sites included: Samuel’s Ranch Sustainable; Girl on the Hill; Wingate Training Center; Morningsun Herb Farm; Brazelton Farm; Be Love Farm; Soul Food Farm; Zinger Ranch; and the event site, Joyful Ranch.

Many are “working now on how to rebuild some of these areas; how to regenerate this land,”  Ford said, with “Ashes to Springtime” a “kicking off point for us.”

“This journey of connecting and hope and dedication … to restore these farmers’ hope,” Ford said.

Several of the farms were so devastated, they won’t

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