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Call for Writers: Television

PopMatters, a highly respected online magazine that has been publishing quality articles that bridge popular culture and academia since 1999 (!), seeks writers who want to engage their readership with their ideas about international, as well as regional, television shows. If you’re a historically-minded television critic or essayist, you’ll want PopMatters‘ savvy, educated readership to learn from your writing. And thanks to streaming services, television programs from throughout the world are in abundance throughout the world.

“Ideas” and “International” are keywords for this call.

We are interested in articles about quality television shows (e.g., not Real Housewives and shows of that ilk). These are television series that challenge prejudices and subvert assumptions, that are as artful in their depiction as the best cinema, that have understated humor, that are rich in meta- and sub-text, that explore a range of genres and subject matter, shows that excite, engage, and make us think — like your articles make your readers think.

Interesting programs may be drama or comedy, documentary or animation, political or food shows, sitcoms or superheroes — no matter the form a television series applies to its storytelling method, if it is a quality program it merits your — and your readers’ — attention for compelling reasons.

Are You Serious About Television?

In-depth cultural/historical critique is valued at PopMatters. Our writers, like our readers, tend to be cultural omnivores. Writers may view a program through a not-so-obvious feminist angle, with historical and/or contemporary human rights struggles in mind, with a critical eye toward consumerism, or simply with a tongue-in-cheek sense of erudite humor.

You enjoy diving far deeper into a series than simply plot summary or actor adulation — we know that series’ writers are the real talent behind the best television shows.

You bring a healthy knowledge of global and regional history and television history to

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