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Bebe Rexha says the music industry is "toxic"

Can it be fair to say that a musician who’s sold 10 million copies of a single is still struggling to break out?

Bebe Rexha had a diamond-certified smash with “Meant to Be,” her 2017 pop-country collaboration with Florida Georgia Line, and she’s scored other huge hits with G-Eazy (“Me, Myself I”) and Martin Garrix (“In the Name of Love”). Before that, the Staten Island native played in a short-lived dance-rock band called Black Cards with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and wrote “The Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna.

Yet Rexha, 31, hasn’t quite defined herself as a solo pop star, perhaps because she’s never settled on a single sound or attitude; “Expectations,” her 2018 debut, sounded like a collection of demos intended for higher-wattage acts. She’s still covering a lot of ground on her new LP, “Better Mistakes,” out on May 7, which flits among sparkly retro-disco (“Sacrifice”), woozy emo-rap (“Die for a Man,” featuring Lil Uzi Vert) and low-slung electro-funk (“Baby, I’m Jealous,” with Doja Cat). But the material is stronger, and her singing has a witty sensuality that finally feels distinct.

Which doesn’t mean she’s not still hustling. When Rexha and I connect on Zoom on a recent afternoon, she’s chilling by the pool at her home in L.A. — “Oh my God, I look crazy,” she says as she catches a glimpse of her unkempt hair — until her glam squad arrives to help her prepare for a gig at Charli D’Amelio’s 17th birthday party.

“Her mom asked me to perform two songs for her,” Rexha says of the TikTok influencer. “I’m bringing the cake out.”

On “Baby, I’m Jealous,” you talk about wanting to let go of paranoia and insecurity. But you’ve said you wrote the song about

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