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Live music in Chicago is growing

If you want to see live music in Chicago right now, if that enduring tribal rite of Saturday night still calls to you, seeing a blues band, nodding to a jazz trio, standing with hands plunged deep into your pockets before the latest Pitchfork darling, as the pandemic winds down, you can do it, restrictions are loosening, but understand: We’re in a limbo period. As Dave Jemilo, owner of the Green Mill told me, it seems slightly different. Sort of like visiting Canada. At his Uptown mainstay, gone are lines at the bar, lines at the bathroom, the old standing room crush. “Instead you got a (expletive) line of people to the corner, fists full of dollars, waiting to get in and say I can only let 50 inside at a time: They come in, they see all the (expletive) room, they say, ‘What the hell! You had plenty of room!’ I say, ‘You don’t like it? Call Lori Lightfoot!’ Other than that, the vibe’s great.

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