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Homestead Entertainment and Dennis L. Reed Release First Lady 3 in its Third Installment of Urban Films for 2021

DETROIT, June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Homestead Entertainment is partnering with Dennis L. Reed II Productions (DIIR) to release First Lady 3 on the premium streaming services of Tubi and IMDb TV. Homestead has cornered the market in creating BIPOC films and distributing them across streaming platforms, TV channels and in theaters. Films such as Twenty Pearls narrated by Phylicia Rashad and written and directed by Deborah Draper have become the staple of quality of films to come in the next two years. Domestic streaming services have included top tier talent such as in the movie “Indictment Who is Jonathan Carter?” starring Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives and “He Said She Said” with a debut performance by Juju Castaneda known as “Juju” from Love Hip Hop New York and Remy and Papoose.

Streaming on Tubi and IMDb TV this summer through Homestead Entertainment is the release and end to a trilogy of The First Lady series in conjunction with Dennis L. Reed II Productions. Premiering this summer is First Lady 3 which are debuting in Detroit and Atlanta. Online screenings are happening to keep the party moving toward the release dates on Tubi at the end of June. Atlanta’s screening will be sponsored by Black Storm Vodka, BlackStorm – Ultra Premium Vodka ( and gift bag inserts are sponsored by  NRG,, and My Beverages,

Director, Dennis L. Reed II creates works of art while giving reality stars opportunities to act. Lemastor Spratling, Michael James Alexander, Aaron Matthew Atkisson, Julius Gregory, Charlita Renee, King Wesley, Velda Hunter and more familiar faces from Reed’s previous works are present. DeJuan Ford

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