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The Best New Movies and TV Shows to Stream This Weekend

Luca Disney+

Your favorite series are staging a comeback this weekend, from the David Schwimmer-led Intelligence to the popular Netflix foreign language series Elite. And after months of COVID-related setbacks, Kevin Hart’s latest film Fatherhood is finally seeing the light of day on Netflix. This week’s buzz-worthy releases traverse picturesque scenes from the Italian Riviera and Spain to Cuba, curated with care by Observer Entertainment.


In Disney+’s latest animated feature Luca, a small town boy from the Italian Riviera attempts to guard his true identity as a sea monster from another world. The film centers on the burgeoning friendship between Luca and Alberto as they meet a fishmonger’s daughter in a human town. Luca’s watercolor-infused surrealism marks a departure from Pixar’s usual animated style. The film stars Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer and Emma Berman. Watch Luca on Disney+.


Fatherhood, starring Kevin Hart, tells the story of Matt Logelin, a single father raising his daughter in the wake of his wife’s unexpected death. From director Paul Weitz, the film follows Matt’s difficulty to step into his new role and, later on, to confront daughter Maddy’s teenage angst. The film is based on Matt Logelin’s book Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love and pulls inspiration from Hart’s own North Philadelphia childhood as well. Watch Fatherhood on Netflix.

Revolution Rent

Revolution Rent follows director Andy Senor Jr.’s journey to Cuba to put on a production of Rent as the first American theatre company in the nation in years. For Senor Jr.,

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