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Beyond Books: Summer Cooking

Summer is a time of long, bright evenings, and drawn-out twilight hours. As shadows lengthen, the heat of the day gives way to cooler air. It’s a perfect time to slow down and reflect, and enjoy sitting outside. For me, summer evenings also mean summer cooking.

How is summer cooking different from other cooking? Three main things define summer cooking for me:  don’t heat up the house, include lots of fresh local produce, and keep it simple.

Many houses once had a second kitchen, either outdoors or in the basement for cooking and canning. I don’t have a summer kitchen, but I do have a grill, so grilled foods are a big part of summer meals. So are salads and cold soups that don’t need to be cooked. Everything from vegetables to meats to fruits is delicious when grilled, and leftovers make perfect salad toppings.

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