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Dragon Axes is city’s newest entertainment – Daily Leader

Dragon Axes is officially open for business.

The ax bar opened its doors at the beginning of July. Missouri native Kevin Grubb thought it would be a unique entertainment spot that the city would enjoy.

Grubb had the idea for his ax bar when he stopped by one during a beach vacation. “Within 10 minutes of being there, I said ‘I’m going to open up one of these,’” He said.

Grubb acknowledged that he decided to get into ax throwing at an ideal time.

“I flipped through the news the other day, and it was about ax throwing — the fastest growing sport in the United States,” He said.

To prepare, Grubb worked a night shift at an ax bar in Hattiesburg, where he lives. His other two jobs require him to travel to Brookhaven pretty frequently, so he stays in both towns.

“We go to dealerships and fix all the little dents, scratches, bumpers that nobody else wants to do. We’ve been doing that for 21 years. And then we have another business that fixes wheels,” he said. 

As he was working in Hattiesburg, he realized that the primary audience for ax throwers wasn’t what he expected.

“I figured out their market — about 80% of their business was not Hattiesburg, it was all the surrounding areas that didn’t have anything to do,” he said.

This discovery initially had him wanting to start Dragon Axes in Oak Grove, just west of Hattiesburg. However, Grubb decided to start Dragon Axes in Brookhaven after some changes in his other businesses.

“With not much to do in this town, like hanging out in it, I thought this town needs something. And I think I can do pretty good at it,” he said.

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