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Check Those Boxes In Your Attic: Comic Books And Collectibles Have Doubled In Price


We’ve reported a lot on the COVID-related supply chain glitches driving up the cost of things like cars, gas and building materials. Well, here’s another product that has seen prices more than double in the last year – comic books. Abe Aboraya of member station WMFE reports.


ABE ABORAYA, BYLINE: It’s the battle of the century – Batman versus Superman.


TROY BAKER: (As Batman) ‘Sup, Supes?

TRAVIS WILLINGHAM: (As Superman) Wow, it’s Batman. What are you doing here?

ABORAYA: But this time, the Dark Knight versus the Man of Steel doesn’t happen on the big screen, it happens on an auction block in Dallas, Texas.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: The greatest comic in the hobby – Action Comics No. 1.

ABORAYA: At Heritage Auctions, bidding for the first appearance of Superman starts at $400,000.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: The biggie of biggies as far as this session is concerned – the first appearance of Batman – Detective Comics 27.

ABORAYA: Here is where Batman beats Superman. Batman’s first comic book appearance sold for $1.1 million, more than twice as much as Superman’s first appearance. During three days at auction, a record $22.5 million was spent on rare comic books, shattering the previous record that was set in April. The pandemic that put millions of Americans out of work hasn’t caused them to have to liquidate their comic book collections and drive prices down, says Douglas Gillock with online auction site ComicLink.

DOUGLAS GILLOCK: In hobbies, we talk about, you know, death, divorce and debt as the three D’s of why people sell.

ABORAYA: That’s still true, but the average price of a comic book sold in April more than doubled from a year ago. The younger generation is now collecting comic books fueled by the success of

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