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‘Stillwater’ movie review: Matt Damon stars in a movie that’s thriller, part family psychodrama, part romance and part meditation on America?s changing role.

Inevitably, some of those threads work better than others. Early in the film, Bill befriends a French actress named Virginie (Camille Cottin) and her daughter Maya (Lilou Siauvaud), a precocious and openhearted 9-year-old who is fascinated by Bill’s facility with tools. The three develop a familial bond that feels warm and organic, in large part thanks to the three actors’ natural, unforced chemistry. Virginie is fascinated by Bill, too, but for different reasons than Maya. She and her bohemian friends playfully interrogate him about owning guns and voting for Donald Trump (his answer to the latter is yet another breadcrumb revealing his character’s past). One of “Stillwater’s” animating questions is whether Bill and Virginie will see past their preconceived ideas about each other to connect simply as two decent, if different, human beings.

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