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6 New Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, and Hulu movies and shows to stream this weekend

Another week is coming to an end, so we’re back with another batch of streaming recommendations. Let’s start with your weekend movie night – you can choose between Beckett, a new thriller on Netflix, or sci-fi anime Evangelion:3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time, which is now available to watch outside of Japan on Amazon Prime Video. And if you’d prefer an old favorite over a new release, try Jurassic Park on HBO Max instead.  

If you’d rather get stuck into a new TV show, try Modern Love season 2 on Amazon Prime Video with its brand new star-studded cast, or you can catch the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu. And, finally, if The Suicide Squad left you wanting more DC, you’re in luck – Titans season 3 is now on HBO Max. For the full lowdown, keep scrolling to see everything new to stream this weekend.

Beckett – Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

Available: Worldwide
Watch today: Netflix

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