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Featured Video: Katie Perry – Firework

A video from a modern pop princess that gives us some hope for the next generation for a change. An inspiration that is quite appropriate today. Katie Perry–Firework

Coldplay–Christmas Lights

Tis the season and throughout the month we will feature different Christmas music, stories and such. Today it is the new Coldplay Video – Christmas Lights ColdPlay–Christmas Lights

Featured Music: The Ghost Inside

Music video entering the next phase of story telling as MAD MEN and FIREFLY’s Christina Hendricks stars in this epic sci-fi music video from Broken Bells directed and edited by Jacob Gentry. Broken Bells "The Ghost Inside" from Jacob Gentry on Vimeo. AVA: Christina Hendricks Director: Jacob Gentry Production Company: POPfilms/Soapbox Films Cinematographer: Eric Maddison […]

Keep It In Your Pants

Hilarious and unfortunately quite catchy tune and video by Taryn Southern, reminiscent of the really good SNL stuff. I really need to get this song out of my head, the only way I know to do that is to make you all listen to it. Keep It In Your Pants (featuring Taryn Southern, Larry Miller, […]

Music Feature: Michael Jackson – Hold My Hand (duet with Akon)

Here is the first official Michael Jackson single "Hold My Hand" (Duet with Akon), from the much-anticipated new album MICHAEL. The album contains ten tracks, produced by an esteemed group of producers along with Michael Jackson. While primarily focused on songs that Michael worked on recently, there are also earlier compelling tracks. Order MICHAEL today […]

Viral: People are Awesome

A compilation of awesome people doing incredible things. This is the music video for Hadouken’s song “Mecha Love”. Some of these are not real, most are, can you tell the difference? Regardless this is just freakin’ awesome. Here is the list of clips used in no particular order: FLYBAR 800 FLIP VARIATIONS JOE MURRELL PISTOL […]

Viral: Hooked on a Feeling by David Hasselhoff

This is a classic that still ranks among the most shared videos on the net. The absolutely fabulous David Hasselhoff with the absolutely fabulous Hooked on a Feeling video. If you have missed this, it is a must see. Germany is absolutely in love with the Hoff, Germans are weird by the way. Note: Cross […]

Viral Video: Chicken Fried Lady!

JellyD (also known as Andrew Bancroft) is back with another hilarious and actually musically fantastic video. Note: Cross posted from Permalink

Viral Video: OK Go – White Knuckles

OK Go is back today with another video, this time they get even more difficult with dogs. Note: Cross posted from Permalink

Music Video Pick : Definitely NSFW F**K You

I just couldn’t help but post this fantastic video. I thought the video wasn’t going to do the song justice after the original typography video, but it is destined to be a classic, so unless you are at work and cant turn it up, we say blast it, we have all been there and this […]