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16 And Well Adjusted

What happens when you are the only non-pregnant 16 year old in school? Reality shows "16 And Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" have shown the trials and tribulations associated with having a child before you’re ready, but they’ve turned a blind eye to the girls who are increasingly finding themselves in the minority. We speak of […]

Keep It In Your Pants

Hilarious and unfortunately quite catchy tune and video by Taryn Southern, reminiscent of the really good SNL stuff. I really need to get this song out of my head, the only way I know to do that is to make you all listen to it. Keep It In Your Pants (featuring Taryn Southern, Larry Miller, […]

Viral Video: Chicken Fried Lady!

JellyD (also known as Andrew Bancroft) is back with another hilarious and actually musically fantastic video. Note: Cross posted from Permalink

Music Video Pick : Definitely NSFW F**K You

I just couldn’t help but post this fantastic video. I thought the video wasn’t going to do the song justice after the original typography video, but it is destined to be a classic, so unless you are at work and cant turn it up, we say blast it, we have all been there and this […]

Viral: Jane Austen’s Fight Club

The life of a lady just isn’t the same once she uses her knuckles to break the face of a woman of higher standing. Note: Cross posted from Permalink

Ohio Bans Marvel Universe

Ohio just banned most of the Marvel universe as State Senator Steve Buehrer wrote a bill banning human cloning and human-animal hybrids. A similar bill, Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act of 2009, has also been introduced in the US Senate. They tried to tell us this day would come in X-Men, we just didn’t listen. it […]