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2011 Golden Globes Winners

The Golden Globes were handed out last night and there were not too many surprises with The Social Network and Glee being big winners as expected, but there were some pleasant surprises. There were two highlights of the show. Jane Lynch had a fantastic acceptance speech, basically in character as she accepted her supporting actress […]

Is that as good as it gets?

Golden Globe Nominations, 2010 – reaction and rant, by Peter Veugelaers ©2010 I’m pretty disappointed and unsatisfied with the list of Golden Globe movie nominees for 2010. Is that all? Is that as good as it gets? I need more. Like, isn’t the end of the year supposed to showcase the ‘best’ of the year? […]

The 2011 Golden Globe Nominees

The 2011 Golden Globe nominations are out and as usual, they tend to the more popular amongst the Hollywood elite stars and titles. (Come on, Alice in Wonderland is here and True Grit is not.) We are being picky though, and there is plenty to like amongst the nominees as well as to complain about. […]