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These are the best Boston movies, according to readers

Community meta charset=”utf-8″”Hands down the best movie ever made in Massachusetts.” SEAN PENN and KEVIN BACON star in Warner Bros. Pictures drama “Mystic River.” The Malpaso Production also stars Tim Robbins, Laurence Fishburne, Marcia Gay Harden and Laura Linney. PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE USED SOLELY FOR ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, PUBLICITY OR REVIEWS OF THIS SPECIFIC MOTION PICTURE […]

HBO Max: The 12 best movies to watch tonight

HBO Max celebrates Jurassic Park (1993). Universal Pictures HBO Max is celebrating the Jurassic Park franchise this week, dropping the first three movies on Saturday. That’s Jurassic Park (1993), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) and Jurassic Park III (2001). For the next dinosaur flick, you’ll have to wait until 2022, when Jurassic World: Dominion […]

New Movies + Shows to Watch this Weekend: ‘Modern Love’ on Prime Video + More

Where to Stream: Modern Love Powered by Reelgood Why is summer nearing its end? Back-to-school commercials have invaded the airways and already some kids have returned to the classrooms. Can’t we bask in the lazy heat of summer just a little longer? It seems like the streaming services are on our side, because this Friday […]

German film festival presents Jewish movies

“Army service, travel, study at a university, find a partner, get married after a few years, have kids. Always follow the path,” Rachel said. “I never dared to take time off and follow my dreams.” For her documentary “Promised Lands”, award-winning filmmaker Yael Reuveny got together with Rachel and other elementary school classmates from the class […]

Five Foreign-Policy Movies Worth Watching About Real-Life Heroism

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another installment of our summer foreign-policy movie recommendations. This week we’re looking at films based on true stories of acts of heroism. As with last week’s recommendations of movies based on actual world events, we’ll start with a disclaimer: Hollywood plays fast and loose with actual events to […]

Things to do movies in L.A., O.C.: Keanu Reeves, Pixar, LGBT

Find a flick with our weekly curated list of classic movies, cult favorites, film festivals, etc., streaming online or playing at a theater near you. “Ball of Fire”Saucy nightclub singer Barbara Stanwyck puts the moves on stuffy academic Gary Cooper in director Howard Hawk’s riotous 1941 screwball comedy. Presented in 35mm, with an introduction by […]

Best movies on Amazon Prime Video right now

Amazon’s Prime Video has been surpassed by the sheer number of Netflix original movies, which seem to come out weekly. While Netflix has caught up in terms of quality, the service still concentrates more on mainstream entertainments. Amazon, on the other hand, is more focused on artful movies and risk-taking. The streaming service is nurturing […]

Review: In ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor,’ Hollywood Is A Horrorshow

L to R: Lisa (Rosa Salazar) gets more than she bargained for from Boro (Catherine Keener) in Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor. SERGEI BACHLAKOV/NETFLIX hide caption toggle caption SERGEI BACHLAKOV/NETFLIX L to R: Lisa (Rosa Salazar) gets more than she bargained for from Boro (Catherine Keener) in Netflix’s Brand New Cherry Flavor. SERGEI BACHLAKOV/NETFLIX The […]

Video games dominating music, movies – Northwest Arkansas Democrat

I’ve been saying for a while that video games are probably more important to more people than movies are. Numbers confirm this; video games generate more revenue than movies and music and are a bigger business than ever, topping movies and music combined. Video games generate more revenue than movies and sports combined. Video games […]

All Brendan Fraser Movies Ranked

(Photo by Universal / courtesy Everett Collection) Like a defrosted caveman, Brendan Fraser arrived out of nowhere when he starred as the titular Encino Man in 1992. The Paleolithic cult movie is a prototypical ’90s comedy: It’s broad, goofy, and Pauly Shore is never more than 10 feet away off-camera. Airheads and George of the […]