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15th Annual Oskerbites

OPINION TV Bites 15th Annual Oskerbites by Neena Louise   Worst Dressed   Anna Kendrick This hideous mash-up of about 4 different dresses indifferently sewn together should never have seen the light of day. Her “lookit my Angelina Jolie leg” thing didn’t help.   Runner-Up Cate Blanchett From a distance, it looked like she had […]

14th Annual Oskerbites

by Neena Louise Neena gives us her take on the Oscars with her annual look at the broadcast winners and losers.   Worst Dressed Zoe Saldana How many different features can you get on one dress? Floral appliqué? Check. Belt? Check. Bow? Check. Add the ugly grey-striped cut-out train and Saldana looked as though someone […]

The 13th Annual Oskerbites

TV Bites – by Neena Louise Worst Dressed Emma Stone Though the bold color was a refreshing change from all the washed-out dresses, the giant bow sticking out of her neck made it appear she was about to topple over. Best Dressed Jessica Chastain I didn’t really care for the over-the-top gold embroidery, but it […]

TV Bites: 12th Annual Oskerbites

by Neena Louise Worst Dressed Melissa Leo Tough choice this year, with all the tablecloths (Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman) and spacesuits (Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow). Leo takes it for combining the two: a starched lace tablecloth with bits of mirror stuck on it. Best Dressed Hailee Steinfeld A teenager – OMG – dressed as a […]