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The 2018-2019 Bite-Mes

OPINION TV Bites The 2018-2019Nineteenth Annual TV BiteMes by Neena Louise Worst ActressEmily VanCamp, “Nicolette Nevin”, The ResidentI don’t know if it was supposed to be part of her character, but her heavy sighs every second word were supremely annoying. It got to the point that I’d fast forward any scene with her in it. Too […]

Entertainment Weekly No More

OPINION TV Bites Entertainment Weekly No More by Neena Louise I had subscribed to the print edition Entertainment Weekly since its first issue in 1990. I’ve never subscribed to anything else – magazine or otherwise – for as long and couldn’t imagine it not being in the house. However, they finally pushed me away and I am no […]

[Not the] TV Holiday Listings 2017

  OPINION TV Bites   [Not the] TV Holiday Listings 2017 by Neena Louise   6:00 a.m. All Dogs Christmas Carol Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and many, many others star in this charming Christmas tale of men groping innocent boys and girls. When Santa finds out what these dogs are doing, he banishes […]

Our Veterans are Forgotten Again – TV Bites

OPINION TV Bites   Our Veterans are Forgotten Again by Neena Louise Since I cancelled my cable, I’ve watched more of the Canadian networks available to me over-the-air than I once did (CTV, CBC). I write this the day before Veterans Day and, as was the case last year, come November 1st Canadian advertisers focused […]

The 2016-2017 Eighteenth Annual TV BiteMes

OPINION TV Bites The 2016-2017 Eighteenth Annual TV BiteMes by Neena Louise A note to this year’s BiteMes: For 17 years, I’ve restricted the annual BiteMes to broadcast network TV only (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox), believing there were some that did not have cable nor streaming capabilities. This is no longer the case. Not only […]

18th Annual Oskerbites

OPINION TV Bites   18th Annual Oskerbites by Neena Louise Worst Dressed Female Sofia Boutella Extremely tough choice this year with so many women wearing parachutes (Kirsten Dunst, Ava DuVernay, Leslie Mann, Janelle Moáe), but Boutella takes it for doing her best Beauty and the Beast feather duster impression.   Worst Dressed Male Ryan Gosling […]

(Not) The TV Holiday Listings 2016

  by Neena Louise   6:00 a.m. The Nightmare Before Christmas Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. The end of the world commences.   6:01 a.m. Catch a Christmas Star Santa has a few too many and accidentally launches his sleigh into outer space. He sees a pretty glittery thing and goes […]

TV Bites – The 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Buh-Bye NBC! by Neena Louise This won’t be my usual “NBC vs. CBC: Who Did it Better?” Olympics column. For one thing, it’s just no longer a question: of course CBC did a better job; they always do. For another thing, for the first time since NBC began broadcasting the Summer Olympic games in 1988, […]

Seventeenth Annual TV BiteMes

The 2015-2016 Seventeenth Annual TV BiteMes by Neena Louise Worst Actress Stana Katic, “Kate Beckett”, Castle Katic takes the crown back from Jennifer Coolidge for the first time in 4 seasons, primarily because I didn’t watch 2 Broke Girls at all this season. I only watched 2 episodes of Castle, but couldn’t take any more […]

17th Annual Oskerbites – TVBites

Neena is back with her take on the Academy Awards. You might not agree, but she never holds back even being maybe the only person in the world who wasn’t gaga over Gaga. A must read for the TV or Oscars fans. – Ed. OPINION TV Bites 17th Annual Oskerbites by Neena Louise Worst Dressed Female Jenny […]