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Viral Video: Gun Size Matters (with Shenae Grimes!) (unrated cut)

This is just a fantastic scene that is better than most of what we see on TV, or in the movies for that matter. Note: Cross posted from Permalink

Katy Perry’s Boobs are becoming our heroes.

Katy’s boobs are becoming stars in their own right as they seem to have taken on a life of their own. Last Wednesday, Sesame Street announced that a video of Elmo and Katy would not be airing on the show because some parents had objected to Katy’s cleavage (the clip had been released on YouTube […]

Viral Video: OK Go – White Knuckles

OK Go is back today with another video, this time they get even more difficult with dogs. Note: Cross posted from Permalink

Viral Video: Teenage Dream & Just the way you are – Acapella Cover – Katy Perry – Bruno Mars – Mike Tompkins

This is an amazing acapella cover done by Mike Tompkins. There are many who are doing this, none are doing it this well. This has the chops to go beyond viral turning Mike and his music style into an entirely new kind of music star. I’m not sure you can still call it acapella when […]

Viral: Controversial Miss Universe Contestants Body Paint Session

Now, the conservative prudes are upset about some topless and bodypainting photos which feature Miss Universe 2010 contestants. Eff off will ya, there is nothing wrong with this photo shoot and no reason to create false hype over this. These women are beautiful and empowered. I think Miss Trinidad and Tobago put it best. "They […]

Viral: Jane Austen’s Fight Club

The life of a lady just isn’t the same once she uses her knuckles to break the face of a woman of higher standing. Note: Cross posted from Permalink

Video: The best juggling you will ever see.

Master juggler Michael Moschen performs his incredibly famous, jaw-dropping piece where three balls and a triangle become a musical and visual work of art. Note: Cross posted from Permalink

Viral Video: Tron Trailer

Straight from the jam-packed Tron panel at Comic-Con, it’s a brand new theatrical trailer for the much-anticipated sequel, Tron: Legacy. The film, which stars Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, and John Hurt, is set to open wide December 17 Note: Cross posted from Permalink