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17 Best Stephen King Books of All Time, Ranked Worst to Best

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21 nature books to read during the coronavirus pandemic

If you notice anything,it leads you to noticemoreand more. — Mary Oliver, “The Moths” Like many who grew up on the West Coast, I discovered that hikes in the woods in the shadows of mountains were when my chest could crack open and the hamster wheel of thoughts could rest. Many of us are finding […]

Here’s the Secret to Absorbing Key Ideas from Stacks of Business Books Every Year

It’s important for entrepreneurs to stay abreast of the trends, topics, and ideas being shared in the world of business. How else can you keep up with the evolving world around you? Of course, that also means you have to devote time to read. But with a business to run, a family to cater to, […]

Novelists pick books to inspire, uplift, and offer escape

Curtis Sittenfeld Author of American Wife and the forthcoming Rodham: What If Hillary Hadn’t Married Bill (Doubleday, May) Alice Munro has been my favourite writer ever since I first read a collection of her stories almost 30 years ago, when I was still a teenager. Periodically, something in life reminds me of one of her […]

ON BOOKS: Small press publishing good books

You are the end-user, you are the decision-maker. You are the customer who, it is said, is always right. You always have a choice. But do you? You probably like the movies that you like because they remind you of other movies that you like; your taste has been shaped by your experience and by […]

Coronavirus reading: 10 inspirational books that offer advice on how to live in tough times

All our lives have been changed dramatically by the coronavirus pandemic. Most of us are being sequestered at home, many are losing jobs and some of us have had to cancel milestone events, such as weddings and graduations. But we are not the first people to experience tough times and we won’t be the last.   We’ve selected 10 […]

If marijuana is essential during the coronavirus shutdown, why not books?

Tribune News Service | BDN By Wendy Paris, Los Angeles Times. The BDN publishes opinions from partner news services to bring a wider variety of perspectives to readers. • April 4, 2020 6:00 am Click here for the latest coronavirus news, which the BDN has made free for the public. You can support our critical […]

Groton Human Services distributes book bags to kids

Groton — Groton Social Worker Deb Burke said she knows how much kids, particularly young kids, love books. “Most kids, if given the opportunity, will love to have a special book,” she said. To ensure kids still have access to books, Groton Human Services staff began this week offering bags with children’s books to families who […]

These Muhammad Ali books are absolute knockouts

During the coronavirus shutdown, each day we will bring you a recommendation from The Post’s Peter Botte for a sports movie, TV show or book that perhaps was before your time or somehow slipped between the cracks of your viewing/reading history. The Ali catalog (Various authors) The volume of fascinating books dedicated to the self-proclaimed […]

Zibby Owens is keeping influential book club alive with online salons

Zibby Owens of the popular podcast “Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books” normally enjoys hosting monthly book events at her New York City apartment, where a mix of authors and readers meet, mingle and discuss books and life. But these aren’t really meet-and-mingle times, so when New Yorkers started sheltering in place, Owens decided […]