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Amy Robach Reveals Where Her Relationship With T.J. Holmes Stands Post-Fight

Amy Robach Reveals Where Her Relationship With TJ Holmes Stands Post-Fight
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Amy Robach addressed whether her emotional podcast conversation with T.J. Holmes led to a split.

“We’re still together 🙂 If you’ve already listened to today’s episode on Amy and T.J., you’ll understand!” Robach, 50, captioned an Instagram video on Tuesday, January 23. “If you haven’t, click the link in my bio to hear for yourself and let us know how you handle communication and conflict in your relationships!”

In the social media upload, the former GMA3 coanchors were all smiles while walking through the streets of New York.

“We just wanted to check in and let you know that, despite what you’ve been hearing, we are still together,” Holmes, 46, noted in the clip. “We’re hearing from a lot of you all on our latest episode of the podcast. It was something we really struggled and debated about whether or not we should even put out there — but at this point I’m glad we did.”

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Robach explained why she and Holmes decided to record themselves confronting their issues, adding, “Our larger goal in putting out our latest episode was to show that, yes, we like to show pictures of us smiling like everyone else and laughing on social media, but if we want to be real and we want to be transparent, we wanted to show all the sides of us and I would say most relationships. So we hope that all you get something out of it and we hope you keep coming back.”

The couple took a different approach than usual during Tuesday’s episode of their “Amy and T.J.” podcast. After being fired from ABC in the aftermath of their cheating scandal, Holmes and Robach have used their new platform to share their personal experiences while discussing topics such as running, early cancer detection and Dry January.

Holmes noted on Tuesday that they were recording after a disagreement.

“We weren’t expecting to record one today. It’s going to be a surprise to our iHeart team that we even have this podcast, and it’s even a surprise to Robach, who is sitting here next to me, not in the studio. We are in our living room right now,” he explained. “We ain’t right. You and I aren’t OK right now. I said, ‘You know what? Let’s set up and do a podcast.’”

Robach agreed that the pair weren’t on the same page at the moment.

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“I felt extremely disconnected from you, and I am someone who does want and needs physical touch, words of affirmation and communication,” she said, adding that Holmes was “emotionally removed” from their relationship. “The last few days, I felt disconnected from you.”

During the raw conversation, Robach asked Holmes to make more of an effort to communicate his feelings.

“I think that you, and you know this, you have many different moods and I’ve known that about you when I was friends with you. You are moody,” she noted. “I get we all have moods and we all wake up differently and we all feel differently based on experiences in life or things that are happening. I just feel like sometimes when you do have whatever, something serious, something pressure-wise, something significant, you do tend to emotionally and verbally withdraw from me.”

Robach continued: “I’d love for you to confide in me, to lean on me, to share with me so that we’re a part of the solution together.”

Holmes, however, found it difficult to see where Robach’s concerns about their relationship were coming from. After a tense back-and-forth, Holmes owned up to the fact that he can close himself off instead of addressing their issues.

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“When things get that kind of bad and I’m that kind of focused or that kind of quiet, the last thing in that moment I want to do is to tell you what I need,” he explained. “That is how I feel, and that is the truth. Not that I think it’s your responsibility. Well, you should just know.”

Holmes reassured Robach that there wasn’t an “intentional” attempt to shut her out, saying, “I have apologized for that in the past. It’s never because I want to do harm. But I get continuously frustrated by being taken to task. … The only way to get into a better place, and it is a better place after the conversation happens, is sometimes to go into a darker, deeper place that’s uncomfortable.”

The duo ended their emotional talk by promising to both do better in the future.

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