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Lala Kent and GG Gharachedaghi’s Messy Feud About Randall Emmett: Timeline

By Michael Jan 30, 2024

After Lala Kent expressed her disappointment with GG Gharachedaghi for seemingly being unsupportive amid her split from Randall Emmett, the Shahs of Sunset star wasn’t afraid to call out her former friend.

“Your personal business was made public by u & that allows pple [sic] to have an opinion. MY opinion is that u should have a little more self-respect,” Gharachedaghi tweeted in responded to Kent in January 2022. “If I recall correctly u were bragging about going down👅 on your castmate & the timeline puts u in a relationship at that time. Cheater?”

In December 2021, Gharachedaghi made headlines for voicing her displeasure with Kent’s decision to publicly discuss her split from Emmett. The Give Them Lala author got engaged to the film producer in 2018 after they went public with their relationship earlier that year. After postponing their nuptials amid the coronavirus pandemic, the twosome welcomed daughter Ocean in March 2021.

Shortly after ending her engagement in October 2021, Kent explained why she chose to address the changes in her life with her followers.

“There are so many times where people are sending me messages about what I’m choosing to share. And for me, I want my daughter to understand what a healthy, respectable man looks like,” Kent told Page Six in December 2021. “That is my job as her mother, to create that for her, so when she goes out and it’s time for her to find a partner, or it’s time for her to raise a son, that she knows what values a man should possess.”

In response to Kent’s claims that Emmett was unfaithful, Gharachedaghi commented on the outlet’s Instagram post, writing, “If someone (Randall) is being their authentic-self and it’s all being referred to as ‘red flags’, why does the person (Lala) wait until they’ve experienced so many of these ‘red flags’ before they walk away?”

Scroll down for a full breakdown of the drama between Kent and Gharachedaghi:

Questioning Her Decision
Gharachedaghi encouraged Kent to “walk away and stop complaining” unless she is willing to “take accountability for choosing to stay” with her ex-fiancé, claiming that it wasn’t “cute” that the singer kept publicly slamming Ocean’s father.
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Awkward Timing
Shortly after Gharachedaghi called out Kent for bringing up her issues with Emmett, a December 2021 episode of Vanderpump Rules showed the two Bravo personalities having fun together at a Give Them Lala Beauty party.
“When the Shahs come out to play with the Pumps. Congrats @lalakent you’re doing a great job! But why did you unfollow me,” the California native wrote via Instagram while promoting her season 9 appearance. 
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Not Here for It
On a January 2022 episode of WWHL, the beauty mogul shared that she thought it was “inappropriate” for her former friend to weigh in on her personal life.
“She knows nothing about what is going on and how deep and dark and disgusting everything is,” Kent said at the time. “As someone who is a single mom, I would think you would take a [second to] pause and have compassion. I just thought after [the split] I don’t need the negativity.”
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Clapping Back
After Kent’s comments on WWHL raised eyebrows, Gharachedaghi questioned the way the Row actress described her split.
“Lala, u claimed u over looked all the red flags but yet u have memory of ALL of the flags, meaning the red flags were obviously standing out to u for u to recall all of them,” Gharachedaghi tweeted in January 2022. “So u actively chose to not see what was in front of u. Why not admit to turning a blind eye on purpose?”
In another social media post, the “Genuinely GG” podcast host said Kent should understand that “one day all of ur anger will disappear,” but the “horrible things” that were said about her ex will “always be there.”
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His Side
In March 2022, Emmett appeared on Gharachedaghi’s podcast to discuss his split.
“She’s the mother of my child. No matter what happens in life, I will never disparage or talk ill about her because she’s Ocean’s mom,” the director said when his longtime friend asked him for a reaction to Kent’s cheating claims. “At the end of the day, I am not that comfortable in this whole thing, but the truth is that I just have to always look at the big picture.”
The Florida native also noted that Kent’s comments have affected him “emotionally” as the public weighs in on their breakup.
“We are given a blessing and, unfortunately, no one is perfect. Sometimes we think everyone should be perfect and we have to be forgiving. And we all have made mistakes. Not everybody owns all of their mistakes,” he added. “I am working to provide for my family and my children every day. At the end of the day, I just try to keep my head up and hope that eventually that stuff subsides, and people move on to something else.”
Emmett explained that although there are “two sides to every story,” he has decided not to respond to Kent publicly for their daughter’s sake. “I just can’t talk badly about the mother of my child. I just can’t do it. No matter what is said about me.”
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It’s Over
During an interview at BravoCon 2022, Gharachedaghi revealed that she was on good terms with Kent. “[We] hugged it out. We made up. I saw her at an event and we spoke. It was great,” the Shahs of Sunset star exclusively told Us. “I think it was a big miscommunication. I was expressing my feelings toward something [and] she had opposite feelings. [There were] different opinions but it doesn’t mean we have to be enemies.”
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Reviving the Drama
In November 2023, Gharachedaghi restarted her feud with Kent. “I wish her well. I saw a lot and I think the whole world saw a lot with the whole Randall situation. She had her truth but her truth was put on a weird display. I had an opinion on that. I said, ‘Your child is only going to suffer from this.’ And then I became the enemy all of a sudden,” Gharachedaghi said at a live taping of the “No Filter with Zack Peter” podcast while sitting next to Kristen Doute. “She has an ego complex and she has to get off her f—king high horse.”
Gharachedaghi ruled out a possible friendship with Kent in the future, adding, “We don’t have anything in common because I would never put my child in that situation to create her father as being an enemy. I would never do that.”
Doute, meanwhile, revealed two months later that Kent cut ties with her for not speaking up. 
“I didn’t know that GG was friends with Randall. I didn’t know that this was the way this was going to go. So it went pretty s—tty. It went pretty dark. And GG ended up saying some s—t about Lala’s parenting which I do think is extremely f—ked up,” she said on her “Sex, Love and What Else Matters” podcast in January 2024. “I didn’t feel like it was my fight to fight because I thought it was so mundane and so stupid. Who cares what this chick has to say?”
Doute continued: “Lala is an insanely wonderful mother. She’s a great mom. She’s always put Ocean first. She’s been through hell and high water with everything Randall has put her through [with their custody battle] which I’m sure you guys are all aware of if you listen to ‘Give Them Lala.’ So I was a little stung and a little hurt.”
Later in the episode, Doute called Kent out for not addressing the issue with her directly. 
“Lala, I’m talking to you and all of the guys listening. As my friend, if Lala was upset about this. If it was something that hurt her feelings. If it pissed her off. She should have just called me. Just call me. Shoot me a text and say, ‘This really f—king hurt my feelings. This was not cool. I’m not happy about this.’ And we could have had a conversation,” she explained. “But instead she started telling our friends who then had to come back to me weeks later and fill me in on this. So of course, I’m like a little, honestly I was a little bitchy about it.”
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