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Ariana Madix and Tom Schwartz’s Ups and Downs Through the Years

By Michael Jan 31, 2024

Ariana Madix and Tom Schwartz maintained a bond throughout the years, but things took an unexpected turn in the aftermath of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ cheating scandal.

When season 10 of Vanderpump Rules started to air in February 2023, the topic on everyone’s mind was Schwartz’s hookup with Leviss amid his divorce from Katie Maloney. Off screen, however, news broke about the model’s affair with Sandoval.

Us Weekly confirmed in March 2023 that Sandoval and Madix had called it quits after nearly a decade of dating due to his infidelity. The Bravo series ultimately filmed more footage for the season finale that addressed the scandal.

Amid the drama, viewers questioned when Schwartz found out that his friend and business partner was being unfaithful. Schwartz went on to detail a trip he took with Sandoval and the former beauty pageant queen during their secret romance. “Just for the record, that trip was mine and Tom’s trip,” he said on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in April 2023. “He smuggled Raquel in. What was I to do at that point? I knew that they were in love. At that point, also, I was under the impression that he was more or less broken up with Ariana, and he was in love with Raquel.”

As the drama played out on screen, Madix made it clear that she wasn’t happy with how Schwartz kept Sandoval’s affair a secret. Madix, who unfollowed Schwartz on social media in March 2023, confirmed they weren’t on good terms because of his continued loyalty to Sandoval.

Scroll down to relive Madix and Schwartz’s ups and downs:

The reality TV costars developed a friendship after Madix started dating Sandoval following his split from Kristen Doute.
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The Fancy AF Cocktails coauthor was a groomsman at Schwartz’s wedding to Maloney. Madix was also present at the former couple’s Las Vegas ceremony three years later.
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“HAPPY DAPPY BDAY TO APPLE DAPPLE DIZZLE! @ariana252525 love when your Florida shines through! 🏝🍻❤️,” the Winter House star captioned a birthday tribute to Madix.
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Madix weighed in on how Schwartz was navigating his split from Maloney, exclusively telling Us in June 2022, “I feel like it’s ups and downs. Sometimes when I see [Schwartz], he seems really great and his normal self. And then, of course, I’m sure he has some down times as well.”
The former SUR bartender noted that the separation was “a big change” for both Schwartz and Maloney. “I can’t imagine what either of them are going through,” she explained. “They built a life together. So in some ways it’s exciting because it’s a new era, but in other ways, I’m sure it’s just difficult.”
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In footage from September 2022, Schwartz supported Sandoval as he discussed the issues in his relationship with Madix.
“It just seems like it speaks to maybe a bigger issue,” Schwartz, who already knew about the affair, said in a confessional that aired eight months later. “You never know what’s going on behind closed doors, but based off what I’ve seen, they just seem like they’ve devolved into roommates, you know? [I’m] seeing a lack of intimacy when they hang out, they don’t really, like, acknowledge each other. It’s not looking good.”
The businessman told Sandoval to “address” his concerns before “they magnify over time.”
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After news broke about Sandoval’s affair, Schwartz hinted that he wasn’t currently on speaking terms with Madix. “I think, right now, she’s completely indifferent to me,” he revealed on WWHL in April 2023. “[I] still love Ariana. I’m here if she ever needs me and I’ll respectfully reach out sporadically.”
One month later, Maloney confirmed that Madix didn’t forgive Schwartz for keeping the affair a secret. “Of course she’s upset. She’s grossed out with him,” the Utah native said on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast. “I think with the way [Schwartz] is saying he found out about the affair in January. ​Then in that case you needed [to tell her].”
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Viewers watched Madix cut ties with Schwartz during the season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules.
“I don’t think you are a [co-conspirator] but I will not have mutual friends with him. So I am not your friend anymore,” she explained before breaking out into tears. “I was his ride or die and defended him — to you even. Trying to get him to go five days without drinking so he could get his sperm tested so we could have embryos because if he really wanted that down the road I wanted him to have that. I wish I didn’t miss him but I feel like what I miss isn’t real.”
That same month, the Something About Her co-owner recalled having to watch “the fabrication of the narrative that was being formed, like, the entire time without my knowledge behind my back by, not just my ex-boyfriend but his little flying monkeys as well. … Tom Schwartz, mainly.”
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In May 2023, Madix revealed new information she learned about Sandoval and Leviss’ affair.
“The flying to her to different places. I know that WWHL appearance where Schwartz was covering his mouth and acting all weird was because she was in the hotel room. She was there in New York — I know for a fact,” she claimed on an episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “[Sandoval] was using other people’s credit cards and things to basically make them pay for things. It makes me really upset because I feel like he put people in a position where they felt like they didn’t know what to do and I feel bad. I can only imagine how much that weighed on them.”
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Madix clarified where she stands with Schwartz after they filmed scenes at Something About Her together. “I’m not friends with Tom Schwartz,” she replied in the comments section of Bravo fan page with a shrug emoji.
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During an appearance on WWHL in November 2023, Schwartz offered an update on his friendship with Madix, saying, “I wish we were on better terms. I’m always happy to see her. I don’t think she’s super stoked to see me.”
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During the season 11 premiere of Vanderpump Rules, which aired in January 2024, Schwartz revealed where he stands with Madix. 
“Ariana has got the wall up. She’s an ice queen,” he told cameras. “I understand that she has this exhaled status — Queen Ariana, Patron Saint of scorned women. But once the ice melts with her, I have a feeling it is going to be really hard to make any inroads with the rest of the girls.”
Earlier in the episode, Schwartz read a message he received from Madix after he publicly showed support for Sandoval. “It says, ‘F—k you, I am blocking your number. Go choke on Sandoval’s dirty ass dick some more,'” he shared. “Jesus. For the record, I’ve never choked on Sandoval’s dirty ass dick.” 
Madix, meanwhile, said she had no plans to mend her issues with Schwartz. “I don’t see a friendship there,” she noted.
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