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James Kennedy Got Revenge on Tom Sandoval by Peeing in His Bush

By Michael Feb 7, 2024

Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy have both starred on Vanderpump Rules for years — but their bromance has faced its fair share of drama.

While the twosome were friends before Kennedy joined the cast of the Bravo series in season 3, their friendship on camera got off to a rocky start when the England native began sleeping with Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute.

During the season 2 Pump Rules reunion, which aired in 2014, the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner claimed that he and Kennedy had plans to work together on music and become roommates before he found out about the DJ’s relationship with Doute.

Doute, for her part, claimed in a February 2015 Bravo blog post that Kennedy was both her and Sandoval’s friend — and their relationship blossomed in Sandoval’s absence. Doute alleged that Sandoval gave Kennedy an ultimatum — continue their friendship or keep dating her. While Doute claimed that Kennedy initially chose Sandoval over her, they eventually found their way back together.

While Kennedy and Doute called it quits in September 2015, Sandoval moved on with costar Ariana Madix and rekindled his bromance with Kennedy shortly after. The two went on to support each other in their personal and professional lives throughout the show — with Kennedy even opening for Sandoval’s band, Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras, in summer 2022.

However, their friendship hit the ultimate snag in March 2023 when news broke that Sandoval had an affair with costar Raquel Leviss — Kennedy’s ex-fiancée. The former SUR busboy quickly took to social media to slam the TomTom co-founder for his actions. (Sandoval was in a nine-year relationship with Madix at the time.)

Keep scrolling for all of Sandoval and Kennedy’s ups and downs over the years;

The two were almost roommates and worked together musically before Kennedy started sleeping with Doute in between seasons 2 and 3 of the show.
Courtesy of James Kennedy/Instagram
April 2019
Once Doute and Kennedy split, Sandoval became friends with the DJ again. He often defended him on the show and in the press when people slammed Kennedy’s actions.
“I always have a soft spot for the underdog and that’s part of it,” Sandoval told Life & Style. “Also, I think James is great TV, so not having him around, I don’t know, I feel like he is important for the show.”
He continued, “I know James, like everybody, has a really good side to him and he has a really bad side to him too, but he’s extreme in that sense. Deep down, he’s got a good heart and I believe in him. I think he is his own worst enemy at times and he gets himself in trouble. I can do the best I can as a friend and I feel like I have to be sometimes because everybody else is against him.”
Christopher Polk/Shutterstock
May 2019
During the season 7 reunion, Sandoval confronted Kennedy about the detrimental effects of his alleged mixing of drugs and alcohol.
“I think when I’ve seen you, James, be at your absolute worst is when you’re mixing alcohol with other things,” Sandoval explained. “I see you have a beer, be totally chill, totally fun, mix it with other things.”
When Kennedy asked what “other things” the restauranteur was referring to, Sandoval replied, “More uppers-type things.” Kennedy immediately denied the claims, telling Sandoval to “shut your mouth.”
November 2021
Kennedy opened for Sandoval’s band.
“Opening up for ‘Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras’ was such an epic night thanks for having me brother! Amazing what someone can do ….in 3 months😜 Can’t wait for the next one🔥,” he wrote via Instagram at the time.
Courtesy of James Kennedy/Instagram
June 2022
The pair had a fun time at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.
Courtesy of James Kennedy/Instagram
July 2022
Kennedy shared a photo of the twosome while on vacation together. “Sunsets 🫠, who’s been to Tulum?! // @tomsandoval,” he captioned a photo of the pair at sunset.
Courtesy of James Kennedy/Instagram
August 2022
Sandoval showed support while Kennedy DJ’d at SUR in summer 2022.
“The king came to see you next last night! 👑 Cheers for the support last night, mate. brothers forever! And thanks for what you said on the mic 🎤 💙,” Kennedy captioned a selfie of the duo.
Courtesy of James Kennedy/Instagram
February 2023
On season 9 of VPR, Sandoval showed the ultimate act of friendship by lending Kennedy $25,000 for him to craft the perfect proposal for then-girlfriend Leviss.
While Kennedy and Leviss called it quits seven months later, the Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras singer said he was still happy to help out his longtime pal.
“Hell no,” he responded when asked if he regretted lending Kennedy the money during an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.
That same month, the DJ gushed over his pal’s kind gesture on his own episode of WWHL. “He’s just that good of a friend, like, that’s Sandoval. He does acts of kindness in the moment, and I don’t think he’d feel right asking me back for money,” he told host Andy Cohen.
March 2023
Kennedy slammed Sandoval after news broke that the TomTom co-owner cheated on longtime girlfriend Madix with the England native’ ex Leviss.
“If you’re in Orange County today and you’re planning on seeing Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras tonight don’t forget to bring the tomatoes and the cabbage, OK?” Kennedy said via his Instagram Story, encouraging fans to taunt Sandoval at concerts. “You want to get a good aim and you want to squeeze the tomato a little bit so it’s just a little juicy before you throw it.”
Kennedy also shared a screenshot of an article about the affair via Instagram at the time, captioning the post, *Hope you all feel as sick as I do. This explains everything.” When one social media user called Sandoval and Leviss the “most vile subhumans I’ve ever met,” Kennedy replied, “CORRECT.”
Eugene Powers /
May 2023
Sandoval and Kennedy nearly came to blows while filming the season 10 reunion of Vanderpump Rules. “James pees on a fire hydrant like a dog and now it is his fire hydrant,” the bar owner said after Kennedy nearly got physical with him.
During the second part, Sandoval questioned Kennedy’s behavior when it came to his drinking. “We had this ongoing deal at Atlantic City and then James got brought into it. The last time that we were there you were belligerently drunk with no shirt on,” the Missouri native claimed. “Security came up to me and said you would get kicked off the premises. The manager told me later that you smacked the waitress on the ass and they had her sign a form that said she wouldn’t sue.”
Kennedy, for his part, accused Sandoval and Schwartz of similar behavior, saying, “And guess what you guys just show up and get drunk. I provide a whole show.”
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

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