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Southern Charm’s Shep Rose ‘Low-Key’ Thought About Proposing to Ex Taylor

Southern Charm fans thought Shep Rose might’ve found The One with Taylor Ann Green after introducing her to viewers on season 7 — but their relationship didn’t last.

“We had just started dating and it was basically a honeymoon season,” Rose exclusively told Us Weekly in June 2022 ahead of season 8, which was Green’s first full season on the show. “We were just sort of off in the corner doing our own thing and, like, making each other laugh and now she’s, like, fully on the show and is friends — a lot better friends — with everybody, so she really blossoms.”

Despite a few season 8 hiccups, Rose and Green were going strong when filming wrapped. “I am trending in that direction,” he told Us at the time about a potential engagement. “Let’s put it that way. We’ve actually started to talk about it.”

However, the two called it quits one month later, with a source telling Us in July 2022 that “it’s over” between the pair.

Scroll through for a timeline of their relationship:

March 2020
Rose and Green sparked dating speculation when she shared a snap via Instagram kissing him on the cheek, writing, “Shep looks like Stu from Rugrats.”
Tommy Garcia/Bravo; Courtesy Taylor Ann Green (inset)
May 2020
While filming season 7, they had to keep their romance under wraps. She confirmed he was off the market in May 2020.
“I guess the secret is out. P.s. Those bruises are from surfing.. I promise,” Green wrote via Instagram.
Courtesy of Taylor Ann Green/Instagram
October 2020
“Things are going well, and she’s fantastic,” Rose told Us. “I kinda jokingly said, like, she refuses to give me a reason to not be in love with her, honestly. Like, I can find a reason to, like, weasel my way out of, like, any — oh, not weasel, but you know what I mean? …  Day after day, month after month, she was just fantastic. It just makes it really easy when, when you’re, like, wait a second, why would I ever not want this person in my life? That doesn’t make any sense at all. So it’s definitely a departure from my norm.”
Courtesy Taylor Ann Green/Instagram
January 2021
During the season 7 reunion, Rose admitted that he cheated on Green.
“I kissed a girl in a stairwell — and that’s all it was. … It was an old flame and we were texting like, ‘Ooh, tomorrow night,’ and nothing ever came of it. It was a moment of weakness. I was drinking. But that’s all it was, and I’ll go to my grave knowing that that’s true,” the RelationShep alum said. “She goes, ‘Look, I hate what happened, and it hurt me a lot. However, I’d like to stay with you. I’m in love with you. You make me happy.’ We cried, and it was a big deal.”
Courtesy Taylor Ann Green/Instagram
October 2021
Green helps Rose with his dog, Lil Craig. 
“Attention Charleston‼️ Lion on the loose!!” she joked alongside a Halloween pic with the reality star and his pup. “If found, keep a fair distance and know he can be easily deterred using salami, bacon, ham, cheese, really any deli item. Please call Rhonda and Randy at 1-800-SAFARI.”
Courtesy of Taylor Ann Green/Instagram
March 2022
The twosome went on a European vacation.
Courtesy of Shep Rose/Instagram
June 2022
Season 8 of Southern Charm premiered.  
July 2022
Us confirmed on July 20 that the twosome broke up after two years of dating. “It’s over,” a source told Us.
Gregory Pace/Shutterstock; Courtesy Taylor Ann Green/Instagram
August 2022
During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Green revealed she was living in her “own place” before calling it quits with Rose.
“We are not together,” she said at the time. “What’s being portrayed is not the stick that broke the camel’s back but I think that everything’s that showing nine months later is proving to be true, he still thinks.”
Charles Sykes/Bravo
August 2022
The former couple reunited for a promotional video alongside costar Olivia Flowers. “I swear this is authentic laughter,” the Commodore owner captioned an Instagram snap of the trio.
Courtesy Olivia Flowers/Instagram
October 2022
During the season 8 reunion special, which filmed in September and aired in October, Green slammed her ex-boyfriend for allegedly hooking up with women shortly after their split. “We spent two and a half years together. You’ve allegedly slept with over 300 women,” she claimed. “You went out. You partied. Now you’ve wrapped me into this slew of whores who you’ve f—king. And now I’m just a number. And that’s what f—ked me up in the head.”Green added, “I was just the whore that lasted the longest,” to which Rose replied, “Sorry you feel that way.”
Stephanie Diani/Bravo; Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock
October 2022
After consoling Green during the season 8 reunion, fans began shipping Austen Kroll and the clinical assistant. Kroll, however, exclusively told Us that he would never go against bro code and date Green as he and Rose are very good friends.
“I mean, I love Taylor to pieces and I cherish her friendship and we’ve gotten very close,” Kroll explained, noting that he and Green talk a lot about their recent breakups. “She’s an important person in my life and I wanna keep it that way.”
He continued: “I just think that would be crossing a whole bunch of lines. And a bunch of friendships would really be affected by that. I’m telling you that that would be a fricking, yeah, a bomb to drop that is for sure.”
While the beermaker doesn’t plan to become romantic with Rose’s ex-girlfriend, he revealed to Us that the South Carolina native was aware of his and Green’s friendship. “I think Shep really appreciates it. He definitely knows that we became close, you know, because of him,” Kroll said. “And he sees how we act with each other … he’s never gotten jealous about it.”
Bravo (3)
November 2022
Leva Bonaparte exclusively told Us that after going out to drinks with Green and fellow costar Flowers, it was clear to her that the “ship has sailed” with her and Rose. “I think that they’re done,” the Bourbon N’ Bubbles cofounder explained. “I don’t think that [they’re getting] back [together] from my talks with Taylor. No.”
Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock; Gregory Pace/Shutterstock; Stephanie Augello/Shutterstock
October 2023
Rumors surfaced in early 2023 that Kroll and Green hooked up after she split from Rose in 2022. After the pair continually denied anything happened between them, Kroll confessed to Rose during a season 9 episode of Southern Charm that he did “kiss” Green in fall 2022. (The confession episode was taped in the new year and aired in fall 2023.)
“I was broken up with her. You were a shoulder to cry on. I don’t want to lose you as a friend, man,” Rose told Kroll during the episode after Kroll finally came clean. Rose also chose to overlook the scandal and continue to try and fix his friendship with Green following their messy breakup.
Getty Images (2)
November 2023
“I brought her into this world [of reality TV]. … I took her to places geographically that she’d never been before,” Rose exclusively told Us of Green at BravoCon 2023. “I’m so proud and happy that I was able to do that, and it gave me a lot of joy and she gave me a lot of joy.”
He went on to compare their breakup to “throwing someone into the deep end or a fast-moving river,” adding, “And I think she had trouble finding a raft and things got worse and worse.” Rose continued: “I’ve really felt for her, and I’ll still stick up for her any old time.”
When it comes to Green moving on romantically, Rose told Us he’s “happy for her if she’s happy.” Green, meanwhile, exclusively told Us she is dating a new guy named Gaston. “I don’t know the guy. It’s still raw, but obviously, she’s going to live her life, and I’m certainly living mine. I’ll say that,” Rose added.
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images
February 2024
Rose confessed that he was “low-key thinking about popping the question” to Green before a night out where being “amorous” toward another woman caused him to change his mind.
“She said, ‘You know, I’ve lost a lot of trust here,’ and I was like, ‘OK, well, that’s a bad way to go into one of the biggest decisions of your life.’ On her behalf as well,” he explained during an episode of the “When Reality Hits With Jax and Brittany” podcast. “I don’t want her going into it being like, ‘This guy’s a, rightfully so, an idiot or wildcard or whatever you want to say. … It ended right there.” 
Rose also gave an update on where the exes stand now, saying he and Taylor still “talk” and even spent time with her parents during a recent visit to Charleston. When asked if Green is “the one that got away,” Rose replied, “It’s too soon to see.” 
Stephanie Diani/Bravo(2)

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