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Travis Kelce Baffles Us by Confusing Yoko Ono for Olympian Apolo Ohno

By Michael Mar 7, 2024
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Travis Kelce had his very own Beatlemania moment while visiting Taylor Swift in Australia, but the reference may have gone over his head.

During the Wednesday, March 6, episode of “New Heights,” Jason Kelce asked Travis, 34, about flying to Sydney to support Swift, also 34, at one of her Eras Tour shows. “What the hell is your life doing right now?” Jason, 36, asked.

Travis hinted at some “false” stories circulating about his time Down Under before describing the frenzy that occurred upon his arrival. “I’ll tell you what wasn’t false,” he said. “When I landed in Australia and seeing all the cameras.”

Jason interrupted his brother to make a pop culture comparison. “You’re like The Beatles,” he quipped before referring to Travis as Yoko Ono.

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Travis considered the comment but appeared confused. “Isn’t that a speed skater?” he asked, referring to Olympian Apolo Ohno.

The mixup caused Jason to burst into fits of laughter. He attempted to explain Ono’s significance but also came up short. “I don’t even know the full story,” Jason confessed. “I know that she was with John Lennon. … She might have been a figure skater, actually. I mean, who knows.”

Ono, 91, was married to Lennon from 1969 until his death in 1980 while Ohno, 41, has eight Olympic medals and a Dancing With the Stars mirrorball trophy to his name.

Us Weekly confirmed on February 21 that Travis touched down in Sydney. His arrival was broadcast on a local news channel, which had cameras rolling as the athlete hopped off the plane.

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Following a visit to the Sydney Zoo — Swift’s second during her stay — Travis cheered on his girlfriend at her February 23 Eras Tour concert at Accor Stadium. “Australia did not disappoint,” Travis gushed on the podcast. “It was amazing over there.”

Travis pointed out that “Australian crowds are already rowdy,” but Swift’s fans reached an entirely new level. “Taylor is very fond of performing in Australia because of the crowds over there and how into it they get,” he explained. “Shout-out to Australia for showing up, showing out.”

Some concertgoers even showed up wearing Kansas City Chiefs jerseys in Travis’ honor.

“There was an American football crowd out there and just Taylor fans, so they wanted to show their support. … It’s pretty f—king cool to just have your jersey being worn — even if it’s just at a football game,” Travis told Jason.

By Michael

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