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Jo Wenberg Gushes Over Tom Schwartz Despite Being ‘Not the Girl for Him’

By Michael Mar 16, 2024
Tom Schwartz and Jo Wenberg ob Kim/Getty Images for Daily Mail; Courtesy of Tom Schwartz/Instagram

Tom Schwartz‘s love life — especially his romance with Jo Wenberg — has intrigued Vanderpump Rules viewers since his split from Katie Maloney.

Schwartz and Maloney announced their split in March 2022, months before filming season 10. Schwartz later surprised Bravo fans when he hooked up with Raquel Leviss at Scheana Shay and Brock Davies‘ wedding in August 2023 — five months after Maloney filed for divorce.

After news broke in March 2023 that Leviss was having an affair with Tom Sandoval, fans and cast members alike wondered if Schwartz was a front for the infidelity. Maloney specifically pointed to a trip Sandoval and Leviss took with Schwartz and Wenberg as potential proof.

Schwartz, for his part, denied that he kissed Leviss to throw attention off her secret romance with Sandoval. He also defended his connection with Wenberg, which seemingly developed after his makeout session with Leviss.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast’s Dating History

“No, [Jo] wasn’t [my girlfriend]. Especially not at that point. It did evolve into a situationship or a friends with benefits thing with clearly defined boundaries,” Schwartz said during part 1 of the season 10 reunion, which aired in May 2023. “We were both coming out of long-term relationships and for a minute there we were each other’s happy places.”

Scroll on for a full breakdown of Schwartz and Wenberg’s relationship timeline:

Courtesy of Tom Schwartz/Instagram

December 2022

Schwartz and Wenberg sparked romance rumors after Instagram footage surfaced of the duo at a concert.

February 2023

During an episode of Vanderpump Rules, Schwartz revealed to Shay that Wenberg was staying with him. “[I haven’t hooked up with Jo]. Not even a little bit. Not even a micro moment. Jo’s my girl,” he said in a scene that was filmed in July 2022.

That same month, the TomTom cofounder elaborated on his connection with Wenberg.

“Jo is a badass hairstylist. I think she’s a beautiful soul,” he exclusively told Us Weekly. “We’re not living together and we’re not dating either, but she’s just someone who I appreciate on a deep level and she’s a really cool human being, and we’re just hanging out.”

At the time, Schwartz admitted he wasn’t ready for anything serious yet, adding, “I just got out of a 12-year relationship. I cannot be in a committed — I can’t dive back into another relationship. It wouldn’t be fair to the other person ‘cause I’m kind of consumed with, like, business and my family and I’m kind of falling in love with myself all over again.”

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast: Then and Now

Courtesy of Tom Schwartz/Instagram

February 2023

Unaired footage from season 10 of Vanderpump Rules offered a glimpse at how Maloney found out about Schwartz living with Wenberg.

“I went to Tom’s today to bring the dogs there and in the bathroom, there’s a toothbrush with lipstick on it and a pile of jewelry. Like, that the f—k is this s—t? He’s like, ‘It’s Jo’s,’” she told Lala Kent and Leviss during a Never Before Seen edition of the hit Bravo series. “First of all, Kristen [Doute’s] her best f—king friend. Why isn’t she staying at Kristen’s down the street?”

One month later, Maloney took to social media to throw shade at Wenberg. “Jo is spooky. I mean none of us could stand to be around her. Her energy is on par with a crackhead,” she wrote in an Instagram comment at the time. “But when Tom and I announced our divorce almost a year ago the last thing she text[ed] me was, ‘I love you, and I’m so supporting of your inner thoughts and visions / live in the moment, you’re a gem and I’ve always respected you. I love you. Xo Jo.’ She is a psycho and I will also light her on fire.”

March 2023

More unseen footage showed Schwartz discussing his then-roommate. “I think I have a little bit of a crush on her, but I am going to suppress that because I just got out of a 12-year relationship, and I don’t want to make things awkward. So yeah, no one will ever know that except for the entire nation,” he told cameras.

Biggest ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Feuds Ever — and Where the Relationships Stand

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

May 2023

Schwartz came to Wenberg’s defense while addressing Maloney’s comments about the hairstylist at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion.

“Katie don’t do that, don’t disparage her. You’re going to get a cease and desist if you keep attacking her in the comments, too.” he told his ex-wife during the Bravo special.

July 2023

In footage shared by a Bravo fan account, Wenberg was seen filming with Schwartz, Tom Sandoval, James Kennedy and Ally Lewber. Maloney, for her part, replied in the comments section, writing. “I can feel that energy from here. Yikes.”

Courtesy of Tom Schwartz/Instagram

August 2023

Schwartz shared several photos of him and Wenberg at a hair salon as he changed his hair to blond.

December 2023

“Let’s give Tom some love! He has a heart of gold,” Wenberg captioned an Instagram selfie of her and Schwartz spending time together.

Courtesy of Jo Wenberg/Instagram

February 2024

Schwartz praised Wenberg during her Vanderpump Rules debut, saying, “Jo is a human being — Jo is a light in my life. I want to clear things up. Jo was never living with me. Was she staying with me sporadically? Yes. She’s not my girlfriend, she never was. We had like the whirlwind romance but we are just buds now.”

March 2024

“Been wanting to say this for a while, and give me grace on how I say it – that’s Tom,” Wenberg captioned an Instagram video. “Tom Schwartz deserves the world — and so do I. I know him so well and I’m so happy and grateful. Maybe I’m not the girl for him, but I get it — he is really a good example of someone living in the moment always and so am I.”

She continued: “Blessings to Tom Schwartz for helping me with life. And vice versa, what in tarnations, find a person who can make you laugh all the time — that’s Tom Schwartz (T$) you humans out there are lucky to hang out with him. (He will hate this post because it’s a compliment to who he is) but someone has to say it — t$ has the best laugh, smile, and people should really know how kind he is. I’ll love him forever. Jo, out .”

In response to comments questioning the post, Wenberg replied, “Why can’t I post about one of my best friends? Just because he is a guy? If this was one of my best girlfriends no one would care! Let’s all be kind and shout out the best people in our lives! .”

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