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Hannah Brown Got a Kiss From Shania Twain at 1st Concert

By Michael May 4, 2024
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Hannah Brown may have shared more than one kiss onscreen during her tenure as the Bachelorette, but one of Brown’s most memorable kisses took place on stage before her Bachelor Nation stardom.

“My first concert was Shania Twain,” Brown, 29, tells Us Weekly exclusively as part of her 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me feature. “I was brought up to the stage and got a kiss on the cheek from the queen herself.”

Her sweet moment with Twain was the first of many Brown would have in front of an audience. After finishing in seventh place on season 23 of The Bachelor (with Colton Underwood), Brown was announced as the season 15 Bachelorette. Brown chose Jed Wyatt as her fiancé in the July 2019 Bachelorette finale.

While her relationship with Wyatt did not last, the Alabama native eventually found love with Adam Woolard. The couple got engaged in August 2023, and Brown tells Us their love story was fated from the beginning.

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“I met my fiancé on a dating app,” she says. “We both had a picture on our profile [taken] on the same street, and then found out we lived two houses down from each other.”

Keep scrolling to learn 25 things you might not know about Brown, including insight into her new novel, Mistakes We Never Made, hitting bookstands on May 7:

1. I have the biggest sweet tooth and always have candy at the house. I love Smarties, Airheads Bites and anything sour.

2. I’ve never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I know, it’s weird. [But] I love peanut butter and jelly separately.

3. I have an Australian Labradoodle named Wally. I stare into his eyes and can’t believe how much I love my sweet boy.

4. I hate cold weather. I have Raynaud’s syndrome, so my feet and hands are always freezing. If it never [went] below 65 degrees, I’d be happy.

5. [My] first flight out of the country was on an 18-hour flight to Singapore while I was on The Bachelor.

6. I won Dancing With the Stars with a broken toe. I was determined to suffer through — I’m so glad I did!

7. My favorite movie as a child was Grease.

8. My go-to movie when I’ve had a long day is Cruella.

9. I went to college in my hometown of Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama. I was able to live on campus, but also easily go home for a home-cooked meal.

10. I met my fiancé [Adam Woolard] on a dating app. We both had a picture on our profile [taken] on the same street, and then found out we lived two houses down from each other.

11. Adam and I take ballroom dance classes together every week. We just started, but it’s been fun learning together.

12. I love interior design. I didn’t go to school for it, but I worked at a local interiors store in college and started taking clients as an interior decorator after.

13. My favorite meal is a solid cheeseburger and fries, but it has to include some type of special sauce. I’m a big sauce gal!

14. In my new book, Mistakes We Never Made, the story of how two friends — Emma and Sybil — meet as children is actually the way I met my first friend at elementary school.

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15. My favorite thing to wear is a flowy, floral dress. I’m always ready to frolic in a fanciful field.

16. A big dream I have is to restore a historic home. Homes with character make me swoon.

17. A few years ago, I took a solo trip to Italy and it was one of the best things I’ve done.

18. I competed in pageants for scholarship money to help pay for college. I ended up winning Miss Alabama USA 2018 and competed in Miss USA.

19. I’m accident-prone: I’ve broken over 10 bones in my body, five times being my wrists.

20. I love watching movies and television; I get so sucked in.

21. I don’t always love crowds, but I love creating intimate environments for meaningful connections, whether that is at home with friends or on my podcast, “Better Tomorrow.”

22. My first concert was Shania Twain. I was brought up to the stage and got a kiss on the cheek from the queen herself.

23. I love Disney World.

24. I’m the [most fearful] thrill-seeker you’ll meet. I’ll be on the verge of panic, but will take on the adventure for that feeling [you get] after you do the thing that fear was trying to stop you from experiencing. I just do it scared.

25. I love making fresh floral arrangements and find myself grinning as I create them.

By Michael

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