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Jordan Rodgers Celebrates 8 Years Since Proposing to JoJo Fletcher

By Michael May 14, 2024

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers can count themselves among the success stories to come out of Bachelor Nation.

The couple met and fell in love during season 12 of The Bachelorette in 2016. The reality stars had a long engagement before finally setting a wedding date in June 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic delayed their plans.

Amid the wait for their nuptials, Fletcher’s season re-aired as part of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! Turns out, Rodgers had never seen their televised love story, so the special event gave him an opportunity to walk down memory lane.

“When I first got the call from our producers, I think I got this pit in my stomach. I was like, ‘No! We have to rewatch this?’ I don’t know why I had initially felt that, but like there was like a sense of anxiety,” Fletcher exclusively told Us Weekly in June 2020. “I think I got really lucky the first time around because Jordan didn’t watch my season. He’s like, ‘I don’t need to see that!’ But now he’s like, ‘I’m super excited to watch!’ I’m like, ‘Oh, great. Four years later we’re gonna rehash all this?’”

Scroll down to revisit the milestone moments from Fletcher and Rodgers’ relationship:


August 2016
In the season 12 finale of The Bachelorette, the real estate developer gave her final rose to the sports commentator, and he proposed.
ABC/Matt Klitscher
August 2016
Less than two weeks after the finale aired, Rodgers moved from Nashville to Dallas to live with Fletcher.
Freeform/Greg Zabilski
February 2017
During their lengthy engagement, the pair were often asked when they would be walking down the aisle. “We’re just enjoying this time. We’re taking it slow,” the Bachelor alum told Access Hollywood. “We’re still having fun. We want to enjoy that, so we’re enjoying it.”
May 2018
Kids on the brain? “JoJo is also getting baby fever,” Rodgers told Us. “Her brothers just had babies, so we’re around them, and she wants one. … When the time is right, we both want to have kids.”
May 2019
Fletcher revealed that she and the former quarterback were on solid ground after a rough patch. “We’re in the best place ever, let me tell you,” she gushed to Us. “We’ve been very open about our first year being tough — it wasn’t the easiest. We had definitely some rocky, rocky moments, but those were growing years. And so, we are at the best stage we’ve ever been in our relationship. Life just keeps getting better, you fall more in love. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true.”
July 2019
The twosome announced that they bought their first house together in Dallas. “Hey y’all…. we are NEW HOMEOWNERS!!! Ahhh,” she wrote on Instagram. “Our Cash Pad renos may be done, but now we get to tackle customizing our very first REAL home together! Bring on the stress of picking more perfect white paints— I CANT WAIT!! @jrodgers11 you ready for some construction therapy!?”
Courtesy of Jordan Rodgers/Instagram
August 2019
Rodgers proposed to Fletcher again, complete with a new engagement ring, three years after first popping the question. “I love @joelle_fletcher with all my heart!! I always wanted to re-propose, with no cameras, no producers, no drama…just us,” he explained via Instagram. “Our first engagement was so real, and meant so much to us both, but as we start to actually plan our wedding for next year I wanted to do it all over again, OUR WAY! So I bought a new ring, made a plan (that almost fell apart multiple times), and got down on one knee all over again.”
Courtesy of JoJo Fletcher/Instagram
June 2020
The Cash Pad stars rescheduled their June 2020 wedding date because of the coronavirus pandemic. “Happy ‘What would have been Wedding Day’ to us!” she captioned an Instagram post on June 13. “As you guys know, we have spent the last 11 months planning the wedding of our dreams but given the circumstances of 2020, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone our special day. Even though I don’t get to marry you todayyyyy @jrodgers11, I know it will be all the more worth the wait. 2021, we reallyyyyy can’t wait for you.”
Courtesy of JoJo Fletcher/Instagram
November 2020
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my EVERYTHING! I love you more with every passing minute, day, birthday, and whacky kitchen dance routine 💃🏼,” Rodgers wrote via Instagram while celebrating his fiancée’s birthday milestone. “I LOVE YOU SCHMOELLE! Here’s to a day of celebrating 30, and a lifetime of celebrating you!! 🥂😍
Courtesy of JoJo Fletcher/Instagram
February 2021
The Bachelor Nation couple got real about the pressures to stay committed after competing on the ABC dating show. “I think that was one of the reasons why we stayed together in the beginning. There were so many reasons why we thought we should not be together,” Fletcher told Us. “I think, subconsciously for me, and for him, there was this pressure, not only from people that watch the show but, like, our family and our friends. Obviously, we’re far past that, but I think in the beginning, there is that sense of pressure.”
Courtesy of JoJo Fletcher/Instagram
May 2021
“This has been just a very fluid situation and one that I feel like Jordan and I have done a really great job of rolling with the punches and just realizing that a lot of it’s out of our control,” the Texas native exclusively told Us, revealing the pair had to postpone their nuptials once again. “We’ve already postponed it a year from the last time. And when we rescheduled it for this year, it was supposed to be this month. And when we had to make our final call, our venue is still at a 10-person maximum capacity [so we pushed it].”
She added: “We’re at peace. We don’t want to sacrifice that day. Unfortunately, it is not what we expected, but we’re staying positive about when it does happen.”
May 2021
“5 years with you. 🥰❤️ Happy Anniversary my cutie!!” the Baylor alum captioned two photos of the couple on vacation in Puerto Rico on their anniversary. 
Courtesy of JoJo Fletcher/Instagram
August 2021
Fletcher exclusively told Us that the pair’s wedding is set for May 2022 after pushing it back multiple times amid the coronavirus pandemic. “We really do love this venue so much and so we wouldn’t want it anywhere else. We’re doing it no matter what at this point,” she said, acknowledging that they don’t regret waiting. “I want it to be everything that we both dreamt up and we wanted all the people there. That day is not any less special just because you’ve had to move it. If anything, it’s more special. When life happens, we just roll with the punches.”
Courtesy of JoJo Fletcher/Instagram
August 2021
“This guy. ❤️ I LOVE celebrating YOU!” Fletcher wrote in honor of Rodgers’ special day via Instagram. “Happy Birthday to my Love! ~ The one who keeps me laughing, feeling loved and protected, sane when I feel like my heads about to explode (which has been often lately 🤯😂) , and always always is my biggest supporter. Thankful for you everyday.”
Jeffrey Mayer/JTMPhotos, Int’l./MEGA
May 2022
They finally said “I do” in front of friends and family during their wedding ceremony on May 14 at Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California.
June 2022
Us confirmed the pair’s dating series, The Big D, was pulled by TBS one month before it was slated to premiere. “We’re assessing our schedule to ensure we have the right content mix to support our network strategies,” a spokesperson for the network noted in a statement. “We are grateful to JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers, and the executive producers of ‘Big D’ for their partnership through the process.”
The series was set to follow recent divorcees as they attempt to find love again in Costa Rica. 
May 2024
Rodgers walked down memory lane in honor of the eight-year anniversary of his romantic The Bachelorette proposal.
“I remember this day vividly … I was nervous, anxious, excited, sick to my stomach. Ready to ask the girl I was in love with to spend the rest of her life with me. My suit had been on for hours, I was sitting [on] the balcony of my hotel room in Thailand, sweating, with this little notebook I had bought at the street market a few days earlier,” Rodgers captioned a throwback video of the pair. “Every page was scribbled with different notes, things I loved about JoJo, some of my favorite memories of the short time we had spent together, a long list of qualities she possessed that I was looking for in a wife, and about a dozen half written half crossed out proposal ideas as I tried to sort out exactly what I wanted to tell her and how I wanted to ask her to marry me.”
At that point, he and Fletcher had only known each other “9 weeks,” but Rodgers felt like it had been longer.
“She was my person. I knew it in my heart,” he continued. “I could second guess how fast it happened, how it happened on reality tv, or whether she was actually going to pick me (oh yeah by the way there was still another guy in the picture lol), but in my gut I knew I never wanted to spend another day without her.”

By Michael

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