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RHONY’s Jessel Taank Says Family Is ‘Safe’ After Caribbean Hurricane Beryl

RHONY’s Jessel Taank Says Family Is ‘Safe’ After Caribbean Hurricane Beryl

The Real Housewives of New York City star Jessel Taank and her family are OK after a Category 4 hurricane swept through Jamaica in the middle of their summer vacation.

“It’s over. Thank you to the incredible staff @halfmoonjamaica for thinking through every detail and making sure we were all safe,” Taank, 44, wrote via Instagram Story on Thursday, July 4.

Taank and husband Pavit Randhawa had been vacationing in the Caribbean with their twin sons Kai and Rio, both 2, when Hurricane Beryl struck the island. The tropical storm devastated areas in both Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and at least 10 people died due to the weather incident.

Taank shared storm footage from the family’s hotel room, noting via Instagram Story that they had lost power and were struggling to keep their toddlers entertained in the dark.

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After the sun returned on Thursday, Taank and Randhawa, 44, were able to resume their vacation mindset. The Bravo star shared additional selfies of her blue swimsuit and Randhawa playing in the sand with one of their sons.

Courtesy of Jessel Taank/Instagram

Taank, a New York-based publicist, also documents her “very unstructured life” with Randhawa and their kids on RHONY.

“We are two individuals that are married, but I am happily doing my stuff and he is very happily doing his stuff,” Taank exclusively told Us Weekly in October 2023. “If he wants to do something, I will never hold him back, because that’s when I think you start seeing friction in relationships, is when you start being controlling or stifling his character, his personality or his passion to travel and do stuff. I’ve always been very supportive and vice versa.”

Courtesy of Jessel Taank/Instagram

The pair’s marriage became a frequent conversation point on RHONY season 14, her debut season, after Taank admitted that they were in a dry spell when Kai and Rio were born.

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“I feel, like, it was just the reality of the situation,” Taank previously told Us in August 2023. “A lot of women maybe don’t talk about, you know, how they’re feeling postpartum.”

Courtesy of Jessel Taank/Instagram

She continued, “It was this, like, wave of just … you’ve had a baby, you’ve had a C-section, like, you’re trying to juggle this new schedule, this new life, and you’re trying to get back to what you were before. It was just a lot of components that were adding to that. Plus, you add three years of IVF and all of that, you know, circus drama to the mix. It was very intense.”

According to Taank, Randhawa stood by her side and heard her out, which allowed their bond to become stronger.

Taank also returned for RHONY season 15, where she will likely candidly speak about her life again. Her costar Erin Lichy confirmed to Us last last month that filming “just recently” wrapped. A premiere date has not been announced.

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