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Travis Kelce Asks Crowd to Go Wild for Taylor Swift at Amsterdam Show

Travis Kelce Asks Crowd to Go Wild for Taylor Swift at Amsterdam Show
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Travis Kelce wanted the crowd to go wild for Taylor Swift after her second Eras Tour show in Amsterdam.

Although he remained inconspicuous throughout the Friday, July 5, concert, Kelce, 34, appeared backstage by Swift’s side after she performed her final song in Johan Cruyff Arena. As the twosome held hands and waved to the fans, Kelce could be seen pumping his arms and encouraging everyone to scream louder for Swift, 34, who laughed in response. Before they stepped out of view, Kelce slung his arm around Swift and kissed her on the head.

This isn’t the first time Kelce has asked Swifties to show his girlfriend the love she deserves. The NFL star made an appearance at her June 30 show in Dublin, Ireland, popping up in the VIP tent and seemingly surprising her mid-concert. After the show, he met her backstage to clap for her alongside other Swifties, even stopping entirely and holding his hands out toward Swift to present her to the crowd in admiration. Swift, meanwhile, stopped to playfully roll her eyes and laugh before grabbing Kelce’s hand.

Kelce has been finding multiple ways to have fun this summer as Swift continues the European leg of her tour. During her June 23 show in London, the Kansas City Chiefs player moved from the tent to the stage and made his Eras Tour debut. During Swift’s “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” interlude, Kelce popped up in a suit and top hat while carrying Swift and dressing her up for her next song.

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Earlier this month, a source exclusively told Us Weekly that the “appearance was planned,” noting that the couple wanted to have a “special moment to mark their relationship milestone.” (The pair began dating in July of last year after Kelce revealed he tried — and failed — to give Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it at her concert.)

“Travis’ schedule is getting crazy again soon,” the insider explained, referencing Kelce’s upcoming football season. “He wanted to do something cool while he was there [and] create something memorable for fans.”

Travis, for his part, broke down how the appearance came to be while chatting with brother Jason Kelce during the July 3 episode of their “New Heights” podcast. He shared that joining Swift on stage began as a joke but turned very real, very quickly.


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♬ You Are In Love (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

“I initially mentioned to Tay, I was like, ‘How funny would it be if I just rolled out on one of the bikes during the 1989 [section]?’ She started laughing, she was like, ‘Would you seriously be up for doing something like that?’ I was like, ‘What? I would love to do that, are you kidding me?’” he recalled. “I’ve seen the show enough, might as well put me to work here. And sure enough, she found the perfect part of the show for me to come in. There was no, like, bike in case I ran into somebody else or hit one of the dancers or anything. It was, like, the safest option.”

Travis added that while the move was “very unlike” him, quipping, “I don’t like going on stages. There were a lot of people out there, really didn’t feel at home.” He was overall happy about how the “magical” surprise unfolded.

The interlude, he noted, was the “perfect time” for him to hit the stage and “be a ham” with Swift. “[I] just made sure I played with Tay and got her makeup right. It was a blast, I had so much fun,” he continued. “It was an honor being on stage, obviously, with Taylor, but even Kam and Jan, knowing Kam’s brother Kalen Saunders, we played together in KC, won two Super Bowls together. … [He’s] one of my all-time favorite teammates, so to be able to rock the field with him and now rock the stage with his brother, you already know … it was an absolute blast.”

Kelce said that he was grateful he was with “three professionals” for the big moment — Swift and two of her dancers Kam Saunders and Jan Ravnik — revealing that there was only one thought in his brain throughout the performance.

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“‘Do not drop the baby. Do not drop Taylor on your way over [to] this damn couch,’” he joked. “The golden rule was, ‘Do not drop Taylor. Get her to the couch safely.’”

He gushed over Swift’s professionalism, adding, “You can do no wrong when Taylor’s on stage, she’s the best to do it. … Shout-out to Tay for letting me jump on stage with her. Who knows, might not be the last time.”

As for if fans should expect Kelce to appear on stage alongside Swift again, Travis teased, “Who knows? It might not be the last time.”

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