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K-Pop Group IVE Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Their ‘All Night’ Music Video

By Michael Jan 24, 2024

IVE has arrived to take over the world – and the K-Pop girl group is giving Us Weekly an exclusive look at the making of their new music video.

The sextet released “All Night,” their cover of Icona Pop’s 2013 song, on January 18, and the behind-the-scenes video they share with Us takes the office party theme to the next level. Helping to introduce the K-Pop powerhouse to mainstream American audiences is rapper Saweetie, who joins Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo on the song’s latest rendition and makes a fashionable cameo in the video.

“We were big fans of Saweetie! We like her songs, and we were so happy when she was able to join us for this track,” Wonyoung told Us. “We met her in L.A. and filmed the music video together. It was so nice that we got to meet in person. She’s the sweetest person and we loved her look for the shoot, so we talked about makeup and nails together!”

“We’re really thankful and honored to have her on our song!” added Leeseo. Her voice and rap part are the perfect touch to our version of ‘All Night.’”

Courtesy of Columbia Records/Starship Entertainment/Kakao Entertainment America

In this exclusive interview, IVE talks about the “new and different experience” of filming in the United States, the fun and challenges of recording a song in another language, and the artist they’d love to collaborate with next.

Us Weekly: What inspired you to cover “All Night”? How is your rendition different from Icona Pop’s?

Yujin: “All Night” is a really fun and popular song that was originally released in 2013. We thought it would fit our group well, and we made sure to make it into our own style. We worked with [producer] Cirkut and Saweetie, and our version turned out to be super fun.

Us: Tell Us all about the video shoot! Where was it? Different locations? How many days were you on set?

Gaeul: The video shoot was in L.A.! We were able to finish shooting in one day, and it was all in one building. It was our first time working with production staff based in America, so it was a new and different experience for us.

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Us: How fun was the set? What was the vibe on set?

Rei: The whole set was in an office building, but we were throwing a party. It was fun to make things messy on purpose and have confetti and balloons everywhere. The vibes were super fun with Saweetie, and we had a great time together.

Us: How involved were you all in the theme of the video? What did you want to capture most on camera?

Liz: Our directors and production came up with a video idea that matches the song really well. The song is upbeat and fun, and the video shows that through the contrast of having a huge party in an office setting. We wanted to show ourselves just letting go and having fun, and we think it was perfectly captured in the music video.

Us: What was a must-have element for all of you in this music video?

Yujin: A must-have part was probably us genuinely having fun! We wanted to show a more fun side of us that we haven’t shown in our Korean music videos.

Courtesy of Columbia Records/Starship Entertainment/Kakao Entertainment America

Us: Your outfits in the video are so great! Please tell Us about your style.

Wonyoung: We all had two outfits in the music video that were in different styles. One was more glamorous and the other was more casual. For me, I loved my look with the pink mini top and white mini skirt. I think my ponytail matches really well and pulls the look together.

Rei: I like my second outfit because it’s a little more sporty! I wore a yellow top with a printed denim skirt. I loved my hair, too, because of the cute curly front pieces.

Yujin: I wore a red sleeveless top and black denim skirt for my second outfit and had a cute hairstyle with buns. The outfit and hair aren’t something I usually do for performances, so I liked trying something new.

Gaeul: I had a white top, a red skirt, pink boots and my hair in pigtails for the first outfit of the video. I felt like it was more glamorous than my outfits in other music videos, so it was fun and different for me.

Liz: I wore a black top and neon green skirt for one of my outfits. Even though it might look more casual, I liked it because it reminds me of a pop star look.

Leeseo: I wore a yellow plaid top and orange skirt at the start of the music video. It’s so colorful and vibrant, and I like that there are a lot of different points that stand out in the outfit.

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Us: Do you have a TikTok dance for “All Night”?

Gaeul: Yes, we do! We have a dance for the track, so please look forward to it! We want to see our fans dancing along with us.

Us: Will you be dropping a dance practice video for “All Night”? If so, when?

Yujin: We have some dance videos related to “All Night” coming up, so you’ll just have to keep an eye out for them!

Us: Have you seen the fan edits on TikTok? What do you think about them?

Leeseo: We like watching the videos that our fans make, and I always feel so thankful when our fans take the time to create videos using our songs and dances. I’m excited to see what content DIVEs will show us with “All Night” soon!

Us: What was it like recording your first English single? Do you plan to release more?

Rei: It was hard to get the pronunciation of the lyrics right, but I feel like we learned a lot through the process of recording.

Yujin: We had fun recording in the U.S. because they gave us more freedom to try out different things, like adding in adlibs. It was freeing and fun to go with the flow.

Us: IVE have become leaders of K-pop’s 4th Gen, and you’ve only just debuted a few years ago. Do you ever feel pressure to ‘outdo’ yourself each comeback?

Wonyoung: We’re so thankful that many people love our tracks, and we really want to give back to them. Instead of feeling pressure to outdo ourselves, we focus more on wanting to give our fans the best songs we can, so this drives us to do better with each comeback.

Us: How have you grown as a group and individually since your debut?

Liz: I think we’ve all grown stronger and become more mature mentally and in our skills after promoting as a group. Our group has grown a lot in our teamwork, and we’ve grown even closer together!

Us: Girl groups are dominating K-pop right now! What’s it like to be a part of this new feminine wave?

Leeseo: There are so many girl groups putting out great music, and everyone’s doing really cool things. We’re so happy that we can reach our listeners and encourage them to be more self-loving and confident with our music as well.

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Us: Your last viral hit was “Baddie.” Can you tell Us any tips on being a “Baddie”?

Yujin: Confidence is the biggest thing! Always try to love yourself so that you have confidence in whatever you do.

Wonyoung: We always compliment each other to boost our confidence too.

Us: What’s a genre that IVE hasn’t done yet but that you’d love to try out?

Wonyoung: I want to try a strong girl crush concept.

Yujin: I personally have been interested in jazz, so maybe we’ll try it out in the future.

Gaeul: I think we can try out any genre, but I want to show a kind of performance we’ve never done before.

Us: As your first world tour continues, which city in the United States are you most excited to perform in? Why?

Rei: L.A.! I had a great time in L.A. last year, so I can’t wait to go back.

Wonyoung: I want to try Chicago pizza, so I’m excited to visit and perform there too!

Us: What can U.S. fans expect to see during the tour?

Rei: We have some new unit performances that I’m sure our fans will enjoy a lot. Hope to see you at our shows soon!

Us: If you could have a dream collaboration with another artist, who would it be and why?

Gaeul: It’d be great to work with Camila Cabello!

Wonyoung: I like rap and love Doja Cat, so if we have an opportunity to work with her, I’d be so happy.

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