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Princess Kate’s Mom Faces Another Blow as She’ll Miss Out on Royal Title

By Michael May 1, 2024
Carole Middleton Karwai Tang/WireImage

Princess Kate Middleton‘s most loyal fan, her mother Carole Middleton, will miss out on a special Royal title when she becomes queen.

This is another blow for Carole who has been dealing with the six-figure debt of her company Party Pieces which is in administration.

Carole has been seen as an asset to the future of the Royal Family as the mother of the Princess of Wales.

She’s shown her dedication to the firm, always supporting her daughter behind the scenes, and especially now as she undergoes cancer treatment.

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Carole has also been a regular face at high-profile royal events throughout the years – from King Charles III’s coronation to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Both of these events have had limited gust lists and not even Duchess Sarah Ferguson secured an invitation to Charles’ Coronation last year.

But while Carole, 69, has been a royalist for decades and is famously said to have orchestrated her daughter’s foray into the royal family, isn’t expected to get an honorary title during King Charles’s reign and it’s unlikely she’ll get a title in Prince William’s future reign when her daughter is queen.

Carole Middleton and Kate Middleton Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The monarch is the “fountain of honor” in the UK and has the “sole right” of conferring titles of honor.

But, due to a rule shared via the Royal Family website that says new hereditary peerages are now only granted to family members of the Royal Family, it is unlikely to happen.

It has been said that Carole could be granted the special honor of a life peerage by Prince William but a previous report from the BBC’S royal historians has said it is not hugely likely that Prince William would be advised to grant her one, under the new rules.

Carole will also not be given a Queen mother title as some royal fans had been wondering, this is only for someone who is the mother of the current monarch and the widow of the former King.

However, there’s some hope for Carole to get a title of sorts. It is possible that when Kate becomes Queen, she may choose to make her mother or sister Pippa one of her own Queen’s Companions.

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This, however, is not a peerage title or official honor. But while any hopes of being officially ensconced in the royal family may not become a reality for Carole, she’s likely to be more concerned at the moment about her ongoing debt issues.

She has been trying to shield Kate from the family money issues as she undergoes cancer treatment, Us Weekly exclusively revealed on April 4.

Carole and her husband, Michael Middleton, who are also parents to Pippa and James Middleton are facing serious debt that they are reportedly unable to pay off.

According to the UK’s The Times newspaper, the pair cannot come up with the “£260,000 (over $329,000) insolvency firm costs” for their embattled business. The firm responsible for handling the insolvency of Carole’s business has acknowledged the couple cannot pay the total fees.

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