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David Beckham Was ‘Worried’ About His Daughter’s Reaction to ‘Beckham’

By Michael Jun 14, 2024
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David Beckham admitted he was “worried” about how his and Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper, would react to the family’s Netflix documentary, Beckham.

David, 49, and Victoria, 50, are parents to sons Brooklyn, 25, Romeo, 21, and Cruz, 19, and daughter Harper, 12. The former soccer star explained that their older sons were more familiar with their parents’ worldwide fame, including past public scrutiny of their relationship. At the same time, he thought Harper was totally out of the loop.

“I was a little bit worried about my daughter seeing some of the things that were being said about me over the years and how she would react,” David told Variety in an interview published on Thursday, June 13.

To David’s relief, nothing surprised his youngest child — not even her mother’s wardrobe back in the day. “I’ve been telling my daughter for a long time that Mommy used to wear very, very short skirts. And then she was like, ‘Daddy, Mommy did really wear really, really short skirts!’ But she loved it,” David added.

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David and Victoria wed in 1999, and Beckham talked in-depth about how the couple was perceived by the public during their early courtship. The pair faced a lot of public backlash, including allegations of infidelity, during their time together, but they were ultimately able to weather the ups and downs. David noted that he hopes the couple’s vulnerability about their struggles in Beckham will help others.

David Beckham and Harper CHRIS ARJOON/AFP via Getty Images

“I think that my takeaway from my documentary was how important mental health is. Because, 20 years ago, nobody was talking about it. And nobody was taking it seriously,” he said. “Now, it’s so great that people can actually talk about their feelings … There were many things said about us over the 27 years. It can be hurtful.”

While the magnifying glass over their lives “wasn’t easy,” David acknowledged their family was “very fortunate.”

“I was never one of these people that was going to sit back and complain,” he continued. “I was very fortunate to live the life that I did through my career. And I’m so thankful for that. I’m never going to moan about that because, at times, when I played a great game, it was splashed all over the news and all over the papers, and that’s really a good thing. But it wasn’t easy.”

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Beckham wasn’t the first time the celebrity couple came face-to-face with Harper learning new things about them. Victoria opened up about whether she’s told her daughter about getting breast implants, which the fashion designer had removed years ago.

“If I’m honest, I wish I’d never [gotten implants],” Victoria told Allure in December 2023. “It was a moment in time, and I think I can share my experiences with her, but we’re not there just yet.”

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