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Spencer, Kallie Wright Talk About ‘Pure’ Son Levi, 3, at His Funeral

<div>Spencer, Kallie Wright Talk About 'Pure' Son Levi, 3, at His Funeral</div>
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Spencer Wright shared sweet memories of his late 3-year-old son, Levi, during his funeral service.

“He was a funny kid,” Wright said during the service earlier this month, according to a livestream. “I want to thank all of you guys for the support. Everybody’s good to Levi.”

Wright recalled his son exclaiming in public while running away from him, “Don’t hurt me dad!” despite the rodeo star saying with a laugh that he had “never touched” his son. Wright also reminisced about Levi asking to look at toy tractors. The stories received laughter from the audience.

Spencer also stood alongside his wife, Kallie Wright, who spoke at the service and recalled the early days of Levi’s life.

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“Two weeks after Levi made his arrival, he screamed all night and nothing could settle him. I remember Spence and I staring at each other, exhausted with fear, from opposite sides of the bed, wondering if this was our new life,” she said. “Luckily for us, it only ended up being one night. From then on, Levi was quiet and so very easy. He was a dream baby with a deep giggle that was infectious.”

She continued: “His laugh will always be my favorite sound.”

Kallie referenced her son’s passion for tractors, saying, “If his dad was digging or building something, Levi was always right there on dad’s knee.”

“I would say most naps he took were spent on the tractor in our arms, and I think we will both cherish those memories for eternity,” she said.

Kallie called Levi someone who was “impossible to get mad at,” adding, “He did some pretty naughty things, but he never meant them viciously. He was as pure and tender as they come.”

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She recalled going to the dentist with Levi on the day of his accident and being “surprised” that he did not have any cavities. “Especially since he lived on a pretty steady diet of root beer, chocolate milk, candy, marshmallows and ice cream,” she said.

Kallie also spoke about Levi’s love for his sister, Steeley, 5. “They fought from time to time but they mostly got along and played together so cutely. They were best friends,” she said. In addition to Levi and Steeley, Kallie and Spencer, who wed in 2018, are also parents to son Brae, 9.

Kallie also reminisced on Levi’s relationship with his grandmother. “He was a grandma’s boy. He asked to go to grandma’s house every day and I’m pretty sure it was only because grandma served goodies and treats at her house and she never told him no,” she said. “Truthfully he loved hanging out with her, working on the garden, going for walks or to church.”

Kallie called Levi “naturally very thoughtful,” someone who was “remarkably tender” and “cautious.”

“We are anxiously awaiting the day when we can see him again,” she concluded.

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Steeley also stepped onto a stool to share a sweet message with her brother on the podium’s microphone.

“Levi was my best friend. I loved coloring with him and reading books,” she said, with encouragement from her mom. “We always have fun riding bikes in the hills together. … I miss my brother so much, but I’ll love him forever.”

In May, Levi drove a toy tractor into a river and lost visual contact with his family, the Beaver County Sheriff’s office said in a statement. Rescuers found him after 25 minutes of searching submerged in water over 4 feet deep nearly a mile downstream. He was transferred to a local hospital.

The next month, Kallie shared that she and Spencer were preparing to say their goodbyes to Levi. The Wright family’s friend, Mindy Sue Clark, told People that Levi was removed from life support and died on June 2.

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