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Joey Graziadei Regrets Mistaking RBG for Gypsy Rose Blanchard at White House

By Michael Feb 17, 2024
Joey Graziadei, Ruth Bader and Gypsy Rose Getty Images

Joey Graziadei is apologizing for confusing late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with convicted murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

After Graziadei, 28, confused the two women during an episode of the ”Betches” podcast earlier this month, press secretary Karine Jean Pierre gave the Bachelor a hard time for his flub during a recent tour of the White House.

In a TikTok clip posted on Thursday, February 15, Pierre, 49, passed a line of photos and pointed at a portrait of Ginsburg, telling Graziadei, “I heard that you’re really good with names.”

“Bad time,” Graziadei said, referring to his mixup as the two started laughing. “I know that actually wasn’t her in the photo. Ruth came to my head.”

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“I don’t believe you,” Pierre responded with a smile.

Graziadei explained, “I know who she is and how much she’s done for equal rights and empowerment” before offering Pierre a rose.

While appearing on the February 6 episode of “Betches,” Graziadei attempted to identify public figures during a funny podcast segment. When the interviewer showed him a photo of Blanchard — who was released from prison in December 2023 after being convicted of second-degree murder after the 2015 killing of her mother — the reality star asked, “Is it Ruth? No? Jinsburg? Ginsburg? Something like that.”

Joey Graziadei Roy Rochlin/WireImage

“Am I wrong?” he asked. “I know that she had something happen where she went to jail because of her mom.”

“Ruth Ginsburg,” he stated as his final answer before the video went viral and sparked an outcry of criticism.

“I can’t .”

“Idiocracy,” another added.

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Graziadei has sparked criticism for more than just his Ginsburg mistake since taking on the role of The Bachelor for season 28.

Former Bachelor Nick Viall had a couple critiques of Graziadei on the Thursday, February 15, episode of his “Viall Files” podcast.

“No one’s been sent home outside of a rose ceremony. There’s been no traumatic exit. …Joey hasn’t sent anyone home outside of the format of the show. … Everyone else has gone home on a rose ceremony,” Viall , 43, said, adding that there’s been no interaction where Joey has had a conversation with a contestant and said, “‘You know what? You’re not my person.’”

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While Nick may have criticized Graziadei, others can’t get enough of him. Bachelor Nation’s Molly Mesnick called the tennis pro a “fantastic Bachelor.”

“He sits there and he genuinely hears what these girls are saying to him and he asks follow-up questions, which make you understand, yes, he’s retaining what they’re saying and he’s asking good questions back,” Molly exclusively told Us Weekly on the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast on Tuesday, February 13. “It’s amazing.”

By Michael

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