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Podcaster Connor Wood Says He and Cohost Brooke Have a ‘Soul Connection

By Michael Mar 24, 2024

It’s easy for fans to notice social media stars Connor Wood and Brooke Averick’s chemistry on their podcast.

“We do just have this natural rapport, this banter that you can’t recreate,” Wood, known as @fibula, exclusively told Us Weekly earlier this month. “It’s so crazy. Soul Connection.”

Wood told Us that he and Averick had been told they were “the same person, different font.” He recalled clicking with Averick “really fast” and ultimately they ended up having the same team which happened by the “divine intervention.”

“They actually were the first ones that were like, ‘You guys should do a podcast. People like hearing you guys talk together,’” Wood said, adding that the rest is history.

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Wood and Averick cohost the “Connor and Brooke Make a Podcast.”

“It can feel forced with the wrong person, but with the right people, it’s so fun,” he continued to Us. “It’s like being in a writer’s room, like a mini writer’s room behind the scenes and only online. The podcast is just literally so raw, which is crazy.”

Wood noted that the podcast includes anecdotes that “many wouldn’t share,” but he and Averick are “such open books.” He joked, “It’s like, ‘OK, I can’t believe I said that. Send it out.’”

Wood, who also creates content on TikTok, said that he views the podcast as a “let it all out space.” As for whether there’s anything Wood has regretted saying on the podcast, he quipped, “Almost everything.”

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“But then it’s out there and it’s like once you put it all out there, it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m kind of invincible because I’ve already said everything,’” he told Us.

As for his own content via @fibula, Wood noted that he hits publish when it’s “funny” to him. “I don’t really force anything too often, and I think that’s the key to it. As soon as it becomes work for you and not fun, then you lose that authenticity,” he said.

Wood, who has amassed over 800,000 TikTok followers, said his videos began getting reactions from celebrities “right around” when Outer Banks was released.

“During that time, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s just going out to all of the normal people out there,’” he said. “And then I realized, ‘Oh, Chase Stokes is commenting on this, and Madelyn Cline.’ I’m kind of poking fun at Outer Banks and doing some jokes on that, and I was like, ‘Oh, crap, I kind of have to tighten it up because there’s no degrees of separation anymore.’”

Reporting by Aileen Bergin

By Michael

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