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Nina Dobrev’s Knee ‘Snapped’ in Dirt Biking Accident

Nina Dobrev. Gotham/FilmMagic

Nina Dobrev is back to work.

The former Vampire Diaries star appeared on the Wednesday, June 12, episode of CBS’ The Talk and gave an update on her recent surgery following a freak dirt biking accident.

Dobrev, 35, noted that the talk show appearance was her “first time leaving the house in two months” after the incident, which she first revealed via Instagram in May. On June 5, the actress shared that she had undergone successful surgery.

“I had knee surgery,” Dobrev said on Wednesday’s The Talk. “I got a giant brace. I can’t really walk on my own yet. I had a fractured knee as well as ACL repair and meniscus.”

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Dobrev recalled that she was dirt biking “for the first time” and it “did not go well.”

“I don’t recommend it, guys. It’s OK, I learned a lesson: don’t ever get on a dirt bike,” she explained.

Going into further detail, the Reunion actress said she was “in a wheely, lost control, whisky throttled, bike flew, luckily it didn’t fall on me, which is what the doctor said would have been a lot worse.”

“But when I landed, I landed on one leg, straight, and my knee just like snapped,” she added.

Dobrev is getting through her recovery with the help of her snowboarder boyfriend, Shaun White, and her beloved pet dogs.

“Cuddle puddle is my life these days,” she said. “It’s just the puppies, and at home watching movies, physical therapy, eat, sleep or pee is kind of the schedule.”

Nina Dobrev Courtesy of Nina Dobrev/Instagram

On June 2, Dobrev shared a cute video via Instagram of White, 37, dancing for her while sporting a sweatshirt with a familiar face on it: Elena Gilbert, her character from The Vampire Diaries.

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In the clip, White appears from behind a door frame to show off his sweatshirt and shimmies across the floor, gesturing to the writing on his top, which reads, “Elena Gilbert.” The clothing features several silhouettes of Dobrev’s Vampire Diaries character, whom she played for six seasons on the CW show (and reprised for the series finale two years later).

“When you can’t leave your bedroom, you either watch TV or you have live entertainment, and that’s my live entertainment,” Dobrev said of White’s dance moves during her appearance on The Talk.

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