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Tiffany Haddish Talks DUI Arrest, ‘Beautiful’ Beverly Hills Police Station

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Tiffany Haddish is opening up about her arrest for driving under the influence in November 2023 — and her “fancy” experience in a Beverly Hills jail.

The Girls Trip star was arrested for a DUI — her second in two years — in Los Angeles on November 24 after allegedly falling asleep behind the wheel of her vehicle. She was charged with two misdemeanors but accepted a plea deal in February which resulted in the charges being dropped. Haddish pleaded no contest to a “wet reckless” charge (reckless driving involving alcohol).

Talking about being booked after her arrest, Haddish said on the Wednesday, June 12, episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live: “If I ever commit a crime… if I ever decide to commit one, I’m only doing it in Beverly Hills. Most beautiful police station I ever been in in my life.”

“I’ve been in some jail cells — I’ve been in jail many times in my youth — and they’re always crummy, but in Beverly Hills?” she continued. “They put me in my jail cell and I said, ‘Ooh, this is nice!’ The water from the sink? Sparkling water. They had a call button in there.”

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Haddish said that the toilet paper appeared to be made of “organic rice paper,” which is “how you know they [are] getting funded,” adding: “This is how you know it’s really fancy.”

The 44-year-old comedian also told host Jimmy Kimmel the details of what happened leading up to her arrest on November 24, the day after Thanksgiving.

“I be tired, Jimmy, because I do a lot,” she prefaced the story.

Haddish said on the day of her arrest she woke up at 5 a.m., worked out, cooked collard greens, showered, and then “served food to the homeless — almost 3,000 people — all day long” at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

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The Bad Boys: Ride or Die actress said she then returned home to pick up the collard greens and went to her aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. That’s when she received a call from a “rich friend” who asked her if she had any leftover food because they had nothing to eat.

“Now I’ve learned a valuable lesson — I should’ve sent it in an Uber or sent someone else to take it there,” Haddish said. “But I wanted to take it myself because I felt like there was [an] opportunity to talk business, so I went.”

“And I did have a drink and I was very sleepy,” Haddish explained. “I have a Tesla … the way that a Tesla is set up, if you get drowsy, or your eyes are closed too long, or your head [is] bobbing … it will pull over and park the car in such a way that gets you help.”

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“It saved my life,” she added.

Since her second DUI arrest, Haddish has been practicing both sobriety and celibacy.

“Not drinking any alcohol. Never doing that again unless I get engaged and I can show him how crazy I get just for one day,” she told Extra in May. “I don’t want to do it because it feels good to wake up in the morning and my elbows ain’t aching, my knees ain’t burning, and the crooks of my ankles ain’t on fire. No inflammation.”

As for celibacy, “They went together,” she told People in April. “With alcohol [my mind] would just be like ‘You’re horny, let’s just do it.’ [Now] I be like ‘Nah, nope.’”

Haddish clarified her stance on celibacy to Extra in May, confirming that she is still dating.

“I didn’t stop dating. I’m just not having intercourse, girl. I love a free meal,” said the comedian.

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